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The Secret Name  


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Greetings and felicitations; Dear Fellows.
In words familiar; as my leather tobacco pouch; ' There are The purse proud penniless ones; who stand by The Tavern door--- hearing little---
talking overmuch; talk talk talk;
BABALON? The Secret name?
Come now-that misdirection went the way of Alrah's follies;
Anyone else?
Antichristos? Got a word to utter; Dear Chap?

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Liber AL II : 76...4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chosen one, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.This glad word, and secret name of Nuit, was discovered on 1-4-2006 e.v., at 4:10 pm (EST). The short version expounding this formula, which is entirely in Hebrew transliteration, is as follows:

4 (6 + 3 + 8 + A + B + K + 2 + 4 + A + L + G + M + O + R) divided by (3 + Y) + X = 210 [NOTz]

(24 + 89 + R + P) S divided by T - O divided by V + A + L = 456 [NVTh]

NOTz NVTh = 666

In this secret name, Nuit reveals Herself as 'The Night of Nuit', 'The Dragon of ContiNUITy', 'The Horror of Absolute Zero'. She is seen manifested as the sum totality of all fears of the unknown, from Her beginnings as various cthonic dragon / space / sea / sky Goddesses, to Her state now as an 'impossible' mathematical formula, that of infinity. At any given point in Man's history, She has represented everything which was terrifying to Man, the personification of the chaotic feminine forces beyond possibility of control.

Roibyrt Joseph Music worked on this formula tirelessly for months, and never even got one result of a whole number, all insane fractions. Then, the day after He vowed to continue working on this formula regardless of whether or not He would accomplish it in this life or otherwise, the answer came to Him...AND THE FIRST WHOLE NUMBER ANSWER TO THIS EQUATION WAS 666!!!
The condensed 'expounding' of this formula, wrote sometime in February of 2006 e.v., is as follows:

4 is Daleth (door or gate); Chesed (goodwill, kindness, or mercy); also the Quaternary, or manifestation.

(6 + 3 + 8 + A + B + K + 2 + 4 + A + L + G + M + O + R) = 390 = ShMYM (heaven, firmament, or sky : all Nuit)

390 =
2 x 195 (QTzH, the end or extremity of the divine Will)
3 x 130 (SLM, the ladder or staircase of Understanding)
5 x 78 (the motion of the wheel of the TARO)
6 x 65 (the solar light of ADNY)
10 x 39 (GBH x TL, elevated or exalted dew; see AL I : 27)
13 x 30 (YHYH, it will be AHBH / AChD)
15 x 26 (ZVB x ChZVH, overflowing or abounding sight or vision)

So far the combinations of 4 and 390 can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, the simplest being 4 x 390, 'the opening of the gates of heaven'.

4 x 390 = 1560

1560 =
2 x 780 (ShKNThY, I dwell or have dwelt in the divine Will)
3 x 520 (DMOVTh, tears in the sea of Binah)
6 x 260 (TMYRA, the concealed Hexagram)
8 x 195 (QTzH x BV, the end or extremity in itself)
10 x 156 (The solidification of BABALON)
12 x 130 (HVA x OYN, the eye of Kether)
13 x 120 (MVSDY, the foundation or basis of AHBH / AChD)
15 x 104 (HVD x SVLCh, the splendor of giving up or remitting)
20 x 78 (HYH, to be or become the TARO)
24 x 65 (ADNY x AHVBY / AVHBY, he whom I love / he who loves me)
26 x 60 (HNH, behold!: Tetragrammaton)
30 x 52 (BKL x YHYH, from all or among all it will be)
39 x 40 (ZBL x LY, to abide or dwell to me)

The simplest interpretation here is 'The gates of Nuit open to reveal Babalon'.

(3 x Y) = 13 = AHBH / AChD

Since Nuit is 'divided for love's sake, for the chance of union' (AL I : 29), 1560 is thus divided by 13, returning to 120, MVSDY, foundation or basis.

90 is DVMM (very silent); MYM (water); KLLY (general, universal, or collective); also Tz (fishhook).

KLLY MVSDY, the universal foundation, is 210 : N.O.X., The Night of Pan.

This brings the formula of the first part of Her name to be interpreted in the following manner: 'The gates of Nuit open to reveal Babalon, divided for love's sake, for the chance of union in the universal foundation that is the dissolution into the body of Nuit'.

(24 + 89 + R + P) = 393 = The union of Binah or Babalon with Pan : 3 x 131.

60 is HNH (to behold), so to behold this union in the City of Pyramids is 23580 = (393) S

23580 =
30 x 786 (YHYH x ASh MN HShMYM, it will be fire from heaven [the logos, "tongue of fire"])
36 x 655 (HYKL OTzM ShMYN, the palace of the body of heaven illuminated in unity with Sol)

9 is Teth (serpent); Yesod (foundation); also the Ennead, or stability in change.

When the union of Sol and HYKL OTzM ShMYM (or Nuit) is divided by the Ennead, it begins the inertia of the universe and the wheel of Kamma, represented by 2620.

2620 is 4 x 655 (The Quaternary, or time / memory / manifestation of HYKL OTzM ShMYM [Nuit], the first atoms existing in time through their perceptions of relating to each other as matter, thus producing imprinting, or memory)

70 is Ayin (eye); SVD (the secret); LYL (night); YYN (wine).

To remove the veil of LYL, or SVD of the formation of the universe, (2620 - 70), Nuit is again revealed in multiplicity, represented by 2550.

2550 =
3 x 850 (ThKLTh, the perfection of Binah)
5 x 510 (The force or motion of ThNYN, Draco [Nuit])
15 x 170 (ZVB x SPL, overflowing cup)
17 x 150 (ChDH x OMM, to brighten and darken)
25 x 102 (YHY x AMVNH, let there be truth)
30 x 85 (YHYH x HMM, it will be put in motion)
34 x 75 (GLA x NVYT, to reveal Nuit)
50 x 51 (KL x AKL, all devoured)

6 is Sol; Vau (nail); Tiphareth (beauty); The Hexagram; The Senary (mind); also the Son.

When this unveiled form of Nuit is divided for the sake of the Microcosm, She is shown in an incarnate form that directly affects our world, represented by 2550 divided by V = 425.

425 represents Nuit's physical gift to the world of man (i.e. 'she gave her only begotten son'), shown as:
17 x 25 (YHB ChYVA, to give The Great Beast 666)

31 is AL / LA (god / not); also The Key to The Book Of The Law. When this Key is used to lock up the vault of Her body, She is once again clothed in Her pure philosophical form, continuous and omniform:
425 + 31 = 456 (NVTh)

This brings the complete formula to be read as follows:

'The gates of Nuit open to reveal Babalon, divided for love's sake, for the chance of union in the universal foundation that is the dissolution into the body of Nuit. To behold the union of Babalon and Pan in the City of Pyramids illuminates the palace of the body of Nuit, lifting Her veil to reveal the mechanisms of the universe and the creation of Her Son / Sun, The Great Beast 666.'

NOTz NVTh spelled in full:

NVN + OYN + TzDY + NVN + VV + ThV = 864 = The Woman of Whoredom, AShTh ZNVNYM, Isheth Zenunim, arch-demon corresponding to Binah, Mother of Chioa, the concubine of Chaos. This is a further reiteration of the formula stated above. It is also ShMSh VYRCh, or Sol + Luna, another elaboration on NVYT. Also 3 x 288 (The OYBVR, or breeding / offspring of Binah).

NOTz NVTh in Roman numerals:

XIII + XV + IV + XIII + V + XXI = LXXI = 71 = A number of Binah, nothingness and silence; AYMK (terror); ALYL (nothing); ALM (silence); ChZVN (vision); MLA (plenitude or fullness); all attributes of Nuit.

Love is the law, love under will.


You Who? Peek a Boo!
I see you.
Draconuit, et AL.