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The Sequence in Liber L 2:76

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This topic is about the sequence of the 28 alphanumeric glyphs found in the 76th verse of the second chapter of Liber L vel Legis, as seen in the picture below, provided by Lutz.

This is NOT a thread about the more general 'solutions' to this Cipher,  it is only for explanations of the actual sequence of letters and numbers. In other words, do not wax prosaic about the wonderful number 89 as the 24th prime number, blah blah blah, but why is 89 in the 20th place in this sequence, (or the 9th going backwards, or the 26th going right to left and top to bottom)? And why is every other character in their particular place?

I would expect very few posts to this thread, for the very simple reason that almost no 'solution' to this Cipher accounts for the particular sequence of the characters. Nevertheless, it can be a thread awaiting the time when someone does come across an explanation for the sequence.


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A good thread idea. It sounds like you may have found a sequence, can't say I have though I've tried. One idea was to look at the differences in values of consecutive characters, for example with A=0 I can only get up to the first A before it fails: 2, 3, 5, 8, the first (non 0 or 1) Fibonacci numbers. Well done if you got further. 🙂 

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And why is every other character in their particular place?

Phonetic interpretation, like in The Riddle of Sebra*, use the sequence of the characters in their solution.

*PDF link

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Thanks, for the subject is a worth while considering threads whose tether has, well, I think you know what I am referring to, for lost is the right description for the 'cipher solution' thread, and so the parameters you have chosen are welcome as is appropriate~

"Aye! listen to the numbers & the words:"

Though i might say that the real riddle is what comes after that and the instructions to the 'prophet' on what to remember, as important, which in a sense puts the whole string in its place, a place that is further emphasized by those verses that immediately proceed what is to be listened to...

Thus as mantra, if to follow the instructions, and let that string ring, at least 76 times, for perhaps, that is the glad word of twenty eight 'alphanumeric glyphs' 

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