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Tzaddi is "The Stars"?

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I wasn't trying to answer it, I just pointed out that the GD started piling correspondences on to the Tree and the Atus where nobody had done that before.  They took de Mellet and de Gebelin and Levi and ran with it, but most of those correspondences didn't exist in the nearly four centuries of tarot history prior to that.  This doesn't mean that they don't work if you want them to, just that the creators of the tarot didn't assign them and that they're comparatively recent, historically speaking.

But you know as well as I do that in the GD system Aquarius is originally attributed to the Star, Daughter of the Firmament, and Aries to the Emperor. 

Levi attributed it to Peh, though, if I remember correctly.

I see ok.  I have been directed to the appropriate section of Jim Eshelman's 776 1/2 where Heh is the Constituting Intelligence and Tzaddi the Natural Intelligence.   The 'constituting' alluded to means a more subtle type of creating or to set up from cosmic darkness and not as I defined it earlier.

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Tzaddi is Not, the Star?

The Star is Epsilon Leonis? The five pointed Redded forehead?

The Star is not the Tzaddik?

Moses had horns?

Tzatziki sauce for a Gyro? Heru?

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