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Michael Staley
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"mal" wrote:
By "a psychiatrist" do you mean "The True Grimoire"?

No, I don't

It's regrettable that you think that being snide is so clever, though.

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"Tiger" wrote:
No your not, better keep going.

No my not? "Intriguing, no wait that other thing, tedious.". Better get going, Tiger. You may even find your relevance..... to the thread.
Nah, you're doing great, really.

"MichaelStaley" wrote:
It's regrettable that you think that being snide is so clever, though.

In spite of what you may think, my comment was sardonic. A cruel jab at N.O.X's desperate True Grimiore insinuation.
Anyhow, as "clever" and "clever" as your remarks are, Mr. Staley, you were merely my foil. There is no need for you to waste your time commenting on this matter further.

Fun as this isn't, perhaps it's time to bring comments back to the thread topic.

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A disappointingly smug post, mal, but you're right that it's time to return to the topic.

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For me there is an interesting point in how different sets of correspondences have different emphases on the subject of non-duality which they all share to some extent.

Skinner's book 'Magician's Tables' makes the point that it can seem a bit artificial to try to fit everything in to one system such as Zodiac, Planetary & elements into the ToL as per 777. I realise there are differing opinions on this (heaven's about?!?!), but letting them (different sets of correspondences), be different and explored in their own right allows the principle upon which they are based to shine through.

For example, the four element system is terrestrial bound but is used in alchemy to show both the transmutation of matter.
The planetary & zodiacal system shows influences from further afield to which humankind are subject. These forces are not personal and carry with them the measurement of time, things happening in their season and with the long stretches of time involved with the orbit of planets or precession of the equinoxes a sense of the 'eternal' in time and Nature.
The ToL is of the 'super celestial' sphere, to use the Agrippan analysis of three worlds, this being given by God is most abstract and subtle as it cannot be directly perceived unlike matter or the heavens.

As I see it all these systems try to dislodge the ingrained view that an individual is separate from everything else by pointing to the inherent linked nature of all phenomena (both material & mental/spiritual).

In a state of non-dual nature the imprecise and vague would be the order of the day as things would only exist in accord with arbitrary mental categories placed upon them, as useful as this most certainly is! A system therefore would be a useful device to emphasize some aspect of this imprecise Nature of things, to suggest nuances etc. It would not seem necessary at all to try to unify them all together as the Nature of reality is already unified and therefore resists absolute categories.

Just glad to get all this off my chest!


Jamie Gregory

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