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93 Ian,

I wanted to respond to a few of your comments from the RAW thread. However, rather than derailing that thread further, I'm starting a new one.

"ianrons" wrote:
I'm not (actually) angry at Crowley or anyone for my own mistakes, nor do I tie up emotional reactions with intellectual concepts, however deeply held.

Of course you don't think you are angry! That goes without saying. However, it doesn't take a shrink to read between the lines of your recent posts.

"ianrons" wrote:
For instance, I might be annoyed if another bloke in my rifle club did something wrong, but I don't blame the club; nor would I cease my friendship with others in the club if it turned out that rifle shooting was horribly unethical.

Uhh...I think I knew what you meant without this. What is the deal with these idiotic examples? It sounds like something Erwin would write!

"ianrons" wrote:
BTW, you refer to DWTW, but that's just an anti-Christian slogan

It is true that one meaning of this phrase is indeed an anti-Christist slogan. In fact, that is one of the many reasons why I like it. Being raised as I was under the dark restrictive cloud of Christism, this came as a real revelation for me. However, to say that it is only "just" this, is really missing the mark in a big way. Anyway, I was mainly pointing you towards the "guilt" part, which you are apparently feeling for being sucked into the man Crowley.

"ianrons" wrote:
Phthah recommended I look at his sig: "There is no grace: there is no guilt: This is the Law: DO WHAT THOU WILT!" but this is paraphrased from Burton ("There is no Heaven; there is no Hell") and Rabelais, and unfortunately this is typical. The point is *not* that AC was or wasn't an academic

Everybody knows that DWTW wasn't original to Crowley. The question is, to say it nicely, who really cares? Does this fact change the Freedom that this simple saying imparts? I know that your point is that A.C. was a plagairist, but without him, I doubt I would have ever got this message of Freedom, which has been life changing for me!

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DWTW has a particular meaning for Crowley - who was essentially a Victorian, but also a romantic.