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Thelemic influence in Grand Theft Auto 4?

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Having just completed the 93 missions of the main storyline in Rockstar North's highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 4, I'm wondering if they have left a couple of subtle Thelemic references to tease people like me who look for them. In the mission 'Museum Piece', about halfway through the game, a gunfight breaks out in a museum after a diamond heist goes wrong. In one corner of the upper level of the museum there is an ancient Egyptian funerary stele, very similar to exhibit 666 from the Bulak museum in Cairo but not identical. After seeing it I thought it might be an intended reference but wasn't sure. Later in the game there is a mission called 'Flatline' where you have to silence an ailing gangster in his hospital bed. When trying to find the ER unit in the hospital where he is located I noticed that some hanging signage displayed 'ROOM 93 - 666' on it! I'll be all eyes when getting round to playing the fifth instalment next winter.



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It sounds plausible, gamers are generally nerds, game-makers are generally nerds, nerds generally tend to have a passing acquaintance with lots of obscure things.

I don't know if anybody's mentioned this before, but the Elder Scrolls series has some very obvious and blatant riffing on Liber AL in its lore (the lore around the Dunmer god Vivec particularly).