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Information about Alchemical Symbols

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Recently, while meditating, a symbol appeared to me.

After some research, it appears to be a symbol from alchemy.

My knowledge of it is slim to non-existant.

I was hoping someone could provide me with a place to find out some information about the symbols.

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Hi Uni_Verse

I hope this site has what you are looking for.


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The best reference I've found for identifying symbols, alchemical and otherwise, is Fred Gettings' Dictionary. I've referred to it many times. Alas, it's very hard to find these days. 2">
It would be worth your while to see if a local library has a copy. You might be surprised.

Adam McLean's site, that Baxian referred to, is a great resource for alchemical references. It's the of Alchemy, in my opinion. However, you will not find a compendium of alchemical symbology and meanings on the site or in any of Adam's excellent study courses. Take anyone's interpretation of the meanings behind the symbols with a dram of Salt. There's a reason they call this material 'esoteric'! 🙂

I studied Alchemy for several years before getting into Crowley's work. I wouldn't trade that foundation for anything.