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TV series Strange Angel (S01E04): "Thelema teaches [...]":

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TV series Strange Angel (S01E04): "Thelema teaches [...]":

The head of the Agape Lodge as portrayed according to the TV series (S01E04) Strange Angel, explains that "Thelema teaches that [...] each person we love is a different key that unlocks a different part of us. Only one sets us free. (Source (SPOILER WARNING!):

My request is if anyone knows if Aleister Crowley ever stated something akin to this in his teachings about Thelema?

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I have not had the (pleasure?) of viewing this miniseries, but could you clarify whether this head/ explainer is actually Wilfred T. Smith, Jack Parsons himself, or Charles S. Jones (who was the head of the original Agape Lodge, back in Vancouver). Or whether it could even be the Head of the head, the Outer Head himself Karl Germer.

Just because the comment on Thelemic teaching is (rightly or wrongly) attributed to the head of the Agape Lodge, it doesn't mean to say that it necessarily originated with A.C. either, although it doesn't rule that out. it could also be poetic licence on the part of the screenwriter --- and as part of that, they wouldn't be under any obligation to "quote" either accurately or truthfully. So there might be nothing realistic in it at all.

I don't see why "only" one should "set us free" anyway --- why the limitation/ restriction? And why the implication that parts of us are "locked" up also (a stronger term than say closed or obscured)? There is something of the suggestion of Reichian rigid character armour there. Perhaps some more information on this outlook/ philosophy would be necessary to probe deeper, really.

Norma N Joy Conquest

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It is Alfred Miller (the ersatz "WT Smith") speaking to Ernest, Jack's neighbor (based vaguely on John Baxter) , who has introduced him to the Lodge. Ernest is uncomfortable with the homoerotic feelings he is developing for Jack.

Ernest is at the temple talking to his priest, Alfred Miller (Greg Wise) while the priest takes photos. He’s upset about the failed recruitment but also, he’s angry at himself for losing control and doesn’t know what he is. But Jack makes him very angry as the photos show. It’s not about Maggie, Ernest says, but Jack makes him feel like a freak. The priest says that how we see ourselves determines how we react. Does Ernest think he’s a freak? Because the priest doesn’t believe he is, and he doesn’t believe that he should put labels on his desire. Thelema teaches that they should go beyond such restrictive categorization. Each person we love is a different key that unlocks a different part of us. Only one sets us free. Ernst is like water, changing and seeking definition. Therefore, he’s drawn to Jack, who plays with fire. Two primary forces are at play, like male/female, dark/light. The union of opposites is the only thing that frees us from pain. Jack’s not an acolyte, he’s Ernest’s liberation from pain.