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R.A.W. (Robert Anton Wilson)  


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This thread is an homage to R.A.W. (Robert Anton Wilson), may he R.I.P. This guy and his writings have played an important role in the molding of my perceptions toward reality and existence. The first thing I ever read of his was the The Illuminatus! Trilogy. I was completely taken with those books. In approx. 1987 I read Prometheus Rising, which played a pivotal role in the way I looked at my perceptions and conclusions that I had formed in my own personal Reality Tunnel.I went to see him lecture once and I bought a signed copy of The New Inquisition but I just couldn’t get into it mainly because I didn’t get what he was getting at. It was the first time I heard of “Fundamental Materialism”. Being a huge fan of science and the scientific method, I just didn’t get it. Now, years later, in light of all the ruckus over skepticism/debunker, psuedoskepticism, etc., I want to read it, but woe is me...I can’t find my autographed copy anywhere…oh, well, I’m just going to have to buy it again (sort of like The White Album every time they change formats)

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I get a little gnurvous when I see a primary topic on the main forum menu move past ONE YEAR, and I start thinking about something I can say about that subject ... so as to reduce the publicf appearance of "disuse and neglect." This RAW category was being lined up in my sights ... and then you posted this wonderful revival message.

He (like sooo many others) regurgitated Crowley, but with a particularly keen insight and especially in a light-hearted manner. His collaberation with Leary and McMurtry allows these three fellows to be nomination for the category "Mixed Triads that influenced the direction of human consciousness ijn the late 20th Century."

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RAW once angrily yelled at me that i was "Rude and persistent and drunk" (all three correct) when i asked him at a lecture about the application of the Law of Fives to his own membership in so many orders etc- which had he betrayed?

Illuminatis! gave me many happy teenage hours, and my son, 14 at the time, loved it when i gave it to him.

I agree that he is probably Crowley's finest regurgitator, with Duqette a close second.

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Also, i wonder if we will ever hear from theodore again. Perhaps he was just very busy today?

I think the actual point of his post was search-engine optimization (by providing a link from a non-commercial site) for the video-production site he links to, which does not as far as i can see provide any "More Details" about RAW or anything except their services.

This kind of spam is very common in blog comments, and forums. Forum post versions do not usually include anything forum-relevant, so i do give theodore credit for going that extra mile to keep his spam post up that little bit longer.

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I think that "theodore" is actually a bot -- a fully automated spambot that harvested the topic "Robert Anton Wilson" from this website,

and cut and pasted text from this link:

and embedded its payload -- the spam link.

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That's very well spotted indeed.

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