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Bertha Busch

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Anyone here able to provide information on Bertha Busch?

Specifically, the date of her death - and her maiden name.

Many thanks,


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William Thirteen
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Unfortunately i have no information on those points - but her birthday is tomorrow, the 6th of March.

William Thirteen
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Happy Birthday Bill!


Sun 6.  Bill's birthday.
  Opus 111.  Ut puto, mihi nora moedi dicet--
  No, I think it's pure physical trouble.
  Gave her best time I could.  X27  Marlene Dietrich.  Oh my Gawd!


jamie barter
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I know this is veering away from Paul's original query (= Bertha Busch's date of death & maiden name), but has anyone got a clue as to what this last posting is meant to refer to apart from the Latin and Opus number?  Dare we speculate as to what A.C.'s "pure physical trouble" might have been, in this context?  And could Bertha perhaps in fact be worth twenty-seven of Marlene Dietrich?  High praise indeed, considering that he also remarked in his diaries that he thought Bertha the most marvellous fuck within recorded history.  But then again, this raises the question of whether he had actually ever met her (la Marlene) "in the flesh" as it were, to judge?

The ending, "Oh my Gawd" is similarly perplexing - can he be referring to RHK, do you think, or maybe to Eros, the god of amour?

Yours mightily agog with anticipation & speculation,
Norma N. Joy Conquest