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Is it still possible to acquire these diaries posted in 2006

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Webmaster: I noted this post from last year...are they still available...did not find them in the downloads section:

old post:

I'm very grateful yet again to the_real_simon_iff for his generosity in having made available for download from LAShTAL.COM the collected diaries of Leah Hirsig:

Alostrael Diary: 12 December 1923 ev | File size: 114.83 Kb
Alostrael Diary: 1924 ev | File size: 2.20 MB
Alostrael Diary: March, April and May 1924 ev | File size: 50.13 MB
Alostrael Diary: 21 September to 23 November 1924 ev | File size: 4.24 MB

This is a splendid example of the benefit so many Members here can receive as a result of the collaborative nature of the site. Members are invited to submit non-copyright documents for publication on LAShTAL.COM.

These PDF files are available to Registered Members from the Texts area of Downloads, available through the Main Menu.

Any info would be helpful...

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No, they're no longer available from LAShTAL.COM.

All should become clear if you take a look here:

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Thanks for the update...wish I had been a member last year...BTW, it seemed you were a bit hard on yourself in your post you directerd me to...Mistake seemed honest enough especially considering all the good your site does for the memory and future of crowley...

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