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Aleister Crowley in: Charles Stross: The Fuller Memorandum

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Another pulp novel mentioning Crowley:

Charles Stross: The Fuller Memorandum, Orbitbooks, 2010.

A Lovecraftian Spy Thriller.
The title refers to "Major-General J.F.C. 'Boney' Fuller".

Page 97:

'Well then. We have been tracking a number of interesting linancial aspects of the KGB activity. They appear to be spending money like water - we have requested information on IBAN transactions and credit card activity by the mobile agents we have idcntified, and while they're not throwing it away on silly luxury items they have certainly been working on their frequent frier miles. One of them, Agent Kurchatov, managed to fly half a mil-lion kilometers in the last nine months alone - we believe he's a high-bandwidth Courier - as an example. And they've been bid-ding in estate auctions.The overall pattern of their activity focuses on memorabilia from the Russian Civil War, spedfically papers and personal effects from the heirs of White Russian leaders, but they've also been looking into documents and items relating to the Argenteum Astrum, which is on our watch list - BONE SILVER STAR - along with documents relating to Western occultist groups of the pre-war period. Aleister Crowley crops up like a bad penny, naturally, but also Professor Mudd, who tripped an amber alert. Norman Mudd.'


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