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[Closed] Are we going to address the Boleskine House Foundation scam?  


Vipereos Mores Non Violabo
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11/06/2020 2:16 pm  

Or is the admin going to censor it again?

  • All the trustees apart from the Readdys have now resigned.
  • One of the ex trustee is a well-known neonazi.
  • There are reports of Bill Breeze running the whole thing in secret.
  • Ex trustee accuse the Readdys to use charity tax relief to rebuild their own home.
  • Gonna discuss it or we just give them a pass?

Answers on a postcard.

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11/06/2020 3:16 pm  

Perhaps it would be useful to link to some evidence for these rather serious accusations? Not easy to discuss much without that.

Not a Rajah
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11/06/2020 5:17 pm  
Posted by: @azrael2393

Gonna discuss it or we just give them a pass?

LAShTAL is not a courtroom, and you have used the word "scam" again. If I'm not mistaken, the moderator/owner does not want you or himself or all of us getting tortured sued.

I mean, thanks for giving us these secret details, but some of them ("reports," "accuse") seem to be hearsay.

I suppose it is interesting to think that all is not well  near Loch Ness, but since the Readdy person seems to be spearheading the operation, and he also writes books about The One True Order and the Rest of Us are Fakirs, it seems obvious that duplexity lurks in the background.

It would be great fun to discuss the details here but, as I stated, this is not a courtroom.

Obsession with the activities of former associates and tongs is not uncommon. I suffered from it myself, subconsciously no less, for a while. In such cases, Indriyas (cords of psychic attachment) must be severed ("cutting the ties that bind"); this is the essence of pratyahara, which AC never explained very well.

You can always take up this matter with "the authorities," whoever they might be, but it's very pushy of you to thrust this hot topic onto a thread when the boss has already said you are exposing us to libel, liable, liability, and similar unfortunate scenarios.


Owner and Editor Admin
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12/06/2020 10:59 am  

I am very happy, @azrael2393, to host on this site any relevant and serious discussions regarding Boleskine House, including the Foundation. I am not involved in any way in the Boleskine House Foundation and have no particular interest beyond the House itself.

However, despite previous warnings, you have once again made serious allegations of unlawful activities and that's simply not acceptable without evidence or, at least, sources. Throwing the word 'scam' into the thread title as a trigger word and using the first line of your post to accuse me of 'censorship' is especially silly.

This thread is locked, as will be your account if you repeat this sort of nonsense.

The Foundation's announcement is, by the way, reported here:

Owner and Editor