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Good, free blog website?  


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03/03/2020 6:47 pm  

I need a place just to blog basically, apart from normal writing or discussion forums. Anything you guys use?

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03/03/2020 6:54 pm  

I used to like wordpress.  Still free.

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03/03/2020 7:00 pm  

I started one with, though I've been neglecting it since I came to lashtal. I mainly started it to get some feedback but haven't got any yet, I guess you need to "promote" it and that's not really my thing. I want to edit and improve some of my lashtal posts and put them on there to have a record of them. In case you wanted to check it out (though there isn't much content yet):

I'd also be interested to know what the most appropriate place to blog for the "esoteric" category would be.

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03/03/2020 7:36 pm  

Self-hosted CMS

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03/03/2020 9:35 pm


or for fuller infinite experience buy a domain for approx 10 to 15 dollars at Godaddy and use their free wordpress and support ..

no restrictions


for esoteric blogging do the same but target each keyword, keyword/string and optimization to correlate to the subject on that particular blog.


Its a fascinating process from thought into Logos "thoth" of the scribe record today.

Share your link,

links in and out count in the google algorithm and rank you higher or lower

add your site to google, esoteric directories

add a stats plugin like wassup to see who visited where from what they were searching for and streamline to target people who need to know and ones what

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05/03/2020 1:49 am  


Let us know when you've started it so we can pay a visit.