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With the advent of 1993e.v. for a decade I had been a committed customer of the "Culpeper - Mail Order Book Service".
Along with a satisfying resolution by parcel post of a particularly exciting 'Wants List', included with the Invoice paperwork from Newport, Essex came another compassionate expression of Nich's friendship - he gave me his telephone number.
This was five years before it would eventually appear in the "Mail Order Book Catalogue".

Thereafter from 1993e.v. onward when a Catalogue arrived ( travel time ten days ) I'd spend all night digesting it's eight page contents to formulate a "Requested Titles List".
Next morning at 6am after breakfast with turkish coffee I would log a long-distance landline International operator connected telephone call to Nicholas, reaching him in Estrella at 7pm the previous evening - East Coast Australia being 13 hours ahead of London.

He would laugh loudly to think I was calling him from the future!...
It was good to laugh in those ever-happy halcyon hey-days of adventurous Aleister Crowley book collecting.
In my mind's eye Nich was always that image on his Letterhead - erudite scholar, virile peer of the Realm, handsome redhead descendant of Royalty who stood astride the Book Market a colossus!
We laughed knowing he was related to Henry the Head-lopper and me relative to Ned the Bushranger, ha, ha, ha!

So very good to share laughs together...

Those early morning long-distance International landline telephone linkups were ecstacy for me as my detailed Diary entries from that decade and beyond describe the absolute relish with which I would joyously scoop up rare precious jewels from his overburdened shelves of "FOR SALE" new and secondhand Books.

Half way around the globe his mid-Winter was my high-Summer, hemispheric seasonal contrasts, but always with our convivial conversations I enjoyed the erudition and jollity of my cherished friendship with Nicholas Culpeper Esq.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
for with strange aeons even death may die."
- H.P. Lovecraft.

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