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Today is "Bicycle Day", which has very little to do with bicycles

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On April 19, 1943, Dr. Albert Hoffman accidentally ingested 240 micrograms of LSD-25. He began to feel very strange. He rode his bicycle home, and began "peaking" (as the kids say) on the ride.

The Psychedelic Age was born, and one of the plausible candidates for the War Engine (the other being the internet) was discovered.

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Thank you for reminding. These days I only ride my old bicycle & enjoy.

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To ignant666 and other punks (or expunks), and all; on this Blue Monday in 2020, is the date for Hitler's birthday:

"Asking for it - Happy Birthday Hitler [Full album]" - - -



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Posted by: @ignant666

On April 19, 1943 ...

... I was three and a half years old. As you can divine, if you (anyone) use your finest Qabalistic skills, I was born before the New Aeon of Crowley's Pill Heaven come true for the masses, not like most of you pill-heads, junkies, and alcoholics. I, like Crowley, find certain parts of the New Aeon story to be repugnant. But probably not the parts you (anyone) think.

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I was definitely at least a twinkle in my father's eye on 4/19/43- his 13th birthday was coming up soon.

And thank you, i guess, to wrwb, for reminding us of Hitler's birthday today, nowadays better known among non-Nazis as Earth Day, aka Pot-Head Day.

Everybody can celebrate in their own way, i suppose- i plan some gardening, and some medical cannabis use. But then i do those things every day that has a "Y" in it when it isn't winter.

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yes mud season and bicycle day....nothing better and as celebrated~

wistful and with caution don't stop on the tracks....

find some veil of delicate spring flowers ~

to so behold

seed sprouting transform

quite wheel fat tire float 

where spinning on spokes 

like a Burroughs whirr the light passes through machine

and there are colors appear in the whirl

just like those between

the letters in black and white on paper

and then it is there, 

light pink or a light green others rare

and of mauves and through

Goethe's method Steiner knew

trip keeps on going doesn't it

even when it was not even



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