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Would look nice parked outside Boleskine House  


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01/12/2011 8:14 pm  


Wanna buy a very nice secondhand car? A couple of previous keepers, including Jimmy Page. Yours for 100K.

Cord 810 Phaeton - Ex-Jimmy Page - Auction 7/12 For Sale by Auction (1936)

Estimate: £75,000 - £100,000
Registration Number: GSL 993
Chassis Number: 2154H

[…] Most would hold that the version offered today, the 810 Phaeton, is the purest version of the shape, and certainly one would have to search long and hard for a specimen in anything approaching the condition of the specimen on offer today. It is believed that the car probably entered the UK some time in the 1970s, and it was probably shortly after that that the car came into the hands of the remarkable Jimmy Page.

Obviously his fame will rest principally on his legendary associations during the 1960s with the Yardbirds, but his legend really took off after that with the formation and subsequent massive success of Led Zeppelin. One interesting secondary aspect of his interests, however has been to own some truly beautiful country houses, and also some very remarkable cars.

The most recent owner reports that today's Cord Phaeton was the recipient of a concours standard restoration while in Jimmy Page's hands some ten or twenty years ago, and the current condition argues forcefully that the work must indeed have been to a more than ordinarily high standard, and the car subsequently meticulously kept while he had it, and even more so during its most recent decade in other equally dedicated hands of its former keeper Duncan Bannatyne; entrepreneur and 'Dragon' from BBC TVs Dragon's Den.

Coachwork, still dramatic and beautiful after seventy five years, is finished in a lightly metallised (as was available from new) shade of Royal Blue, matching a closely-pleated interior in matching leather. The chromework is a testimonial to the standard of the work carried out, and the underbonnet appearance remains of a superb standard.

It is hard to overstate the appeal of this great Classic; examples with this condition, to say nothing of its fascinating celebrity provenance, are extraordinarily hard to find in the Unites States these days, so to find one already here, already duty paid and already UK registered has to be seen as a bonus. A very, very rare bird indeed.

Estimate: £75,000 - £100,000


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o.O GSL 993 - Let the Qabalah begin!

Nice car...