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Jupiter in Capricorn - The Rise & Fall of Covid 19?

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While this unfortunate year of lockdown and Covid-19 have played out I have repeatedly looked for some type of explanation and/or sign of when this ridiculousness might end.

It is my belief that the culprit in the case of Covid-19 is Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter is in FALL in Capricorn and is not happy there. It tends to take on its negative traits in the sign Capricorn.

Jupiter by nature is expansive and lucky and spiritual. Capricorn is the realm of Government and rules and courts.

Jupiter in Capricorn tends to have Jupiter acting out it's negative traits:

manipulation, over-reaching, opportunistic, over-protective, expansion and general over-reach (Jupiter) of government powers (Capricorn), etc.

As one writer notes:

"Jupiter is about joy, good luck and the path to expansion. In Capricorn, Jupiter sobers up and gets serious."

This combined with the fact that Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn all year seems to be the recipe for this draconian lockdown.

Jupiter entered Capricorn Dec 2, 2019 (about the time Covid got its first push in the news) and will leave Capricorn around Dec 20, 2020.


"The initial cases of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)–infected pneumonia (NCIP) occurred in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019 and January 2020."

Wouldn't it be interesting if Covid-19 came and went with Jupiter in Capricorn?

With Saturn and Jupiter both entering Aquarius in late Dec 2020 it could just mean that the Covid-19 hysteria transfers from disease to cure and enters a phase of vaccines and high tech solutions?

(Hopefully not.)

Aquarius is also the sign of freedom though we haven't seen much of that concept lately. Could Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius actually bring some form of freedom? Difficult to imagine right now but it is possible.

I guess time will tell.

But the used car salesman manipulative hustler that Jupiter in Capricorn can be...virus or no virus...real or make believe...I think he has conned us all.

This is not a prediction. More like a prayer.

Worst reality TV show ever!


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 It's a preparation for the next stage i.e. less cars on the road and more work from home via the internet.