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I Once Knew a bitch from Cali

Which thought it could look Down On me

In Stormy whether it blamed my licker

But pure was I even beneath her.

The profaan however saw only

Their own taille in myopic hindsite

A Handsim reward for their eyes aight

A bad poem for that which make might.

Its Scorpion's haunch I welcomed

Unbecoming of all it had vacuum'd.

Affectionate praises I petted

But red is worn only by Venom,

So though I saw beauty in my beauty

It dimmed with the call of a willful

And because it gave me no mouthful

It swallowed a moth & a bottle,

And left for the hills & the grotto

To drink of the pills of Mofato,

Oh Hot O,

The Seer Forgotto.

- The Junkyard Robotto

Well Train'ed Ain Vetted,

And now no more Numbed, nor wetted.


Just a shoddee poem about a redwood.

What is trash I shall no more call trash.


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