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On The Night Of My Inverness  


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23/02/2010 8:42 am  


I was exploring a site about computers today,
and found a post where a fellow was introducing himself from Scotland.
Instantly, I was borne forth to poetic fancy,
which resulted in a conceptual theme which became the following poem.


I will sit at the Loch neath the Scottish moon light,
Where I will summon
An old familiar friend --- with my poetry.
The two of us will be, re-enchanted
Upon seeing our own familiar faces
Reflecting to transfix ourselves through eyes locked ecstatic,
Whilst the piper’s song remains the same, in a place
Where I once lived:
In The Holy House of Crowley --- unto which, I must come back…

Upon the Loch, in the darkness --- I am pledged to that house promised.
Upon the Loch at Inverness, I weave light
All night long throughout the darkness: the night of my soul sojourned.

At Inverness! Only Inverness!
I shall stand to the Loch at night,
And from the stars shall I illumined, and consumed
By my Love for the place,
Be about my Father’s business.

One day sooner than I now think,
One Night, when the Scottish moon turns red,
I will raise my head to Roar Her Name!
On that one night, commencing---
She Will Come
In Her Flesh which I shall ravish
At Inverness upon the Loch,
Neath the vaulted body of Her mother,
And sacred inflaming stars who worship Her,
Shall each of us the other have as Magick.

All that Night, long on the Loch at Inverness,
Until my Father’s dawning as the sun…
Shall my old friend summoned by my poetry,
Lurk to celebrate the celebration of my homecoming.
All on that Night of the piper’s song…..
Heard all along the same, as it was from the day it was begun…
Along the Magick banks of the Loch at Inverness:
Where the reflecting, night shining eyes of my old familiar friend,
summoned by my poetry, will be feasting.

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23/02/2010 4:04 pm  

who is your old familiar friend. hmmm?