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The Hawk-Headed Lord of Radical Honesty  


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29/06/2015 11:39 pm  

Every man and woman is a liar
But the Aeon of the Child comes in Force and Fire
Constant fronts and social-reputation fear
Incineration as the Lord draws near

Can you handle being part of the 1 in 5; the Company of Heaven?
The keen, proud and wild?
The Lord, Terrible is a swift and mighty Hawk
The Lord tells it as it is without shame because the Lord is an innocent little (Horus) Child

WAR! You are not of US
WAR! We hear it in your sighs
You are not of US
We know it via your depression and lies

You are a sneaky,skulking rodent; a scurrying rodent
But the Hawk-Lord's serious gaze is all-seeing
Run vermin run from thyself from the Lord
You cling to (khu) Mind and reject (khabs) Being

You are black
You are obsolete
Your suffering is your fault
You are His meat

Your rituals and Eastern meditations
Within the indulgent privacy of your own isolation
Are four walls you build up as you break them down
Outside they can not cover your social frowns

All is not lost :Come out come out!
Always prepare to speak what you feel