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Thee Babalon Project  


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22/09/2012 8:40 pm

M.A.R. - Thee Babalon Project

  Thee Babalon Project combines musical influences from electronica and noise with devotional poetry. The accompanying visual art largely takes its inspiration from Pop Art.

  Conceptually it is based around the notion of unifying binary dualisms, this is approached through the avenues of Zen Buddhism, Thelema and Alchemy.

Originally a form of devotional practice through the recitation of poetry and other ritualistic elements in order to evoke Babalon.

Track Listing -

Mistress of All
Red Hooded Pleasure
Elixir Rubeus
Sacred Chalice
Thee Babalon Project
Unfolding Rose
Secret Womb
Love Devours All Things

(I Have no idea how to reduce the size of this image)

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(I Have no idea how to reduce the size of this image)

Open the image in Paint or some other image program. Reduce the image to 50% or 35%.
If the image is on the web, you must download it to your computer before reducin its size.
Then repost it to the web (in Photobucket or your favorite image storage site).