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I acquainted myself with the works of Kenneth Grant at a specific point in my life, when I was searching for clues helping me to establish my path. Although I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by the medical establishment later, I had several experiences, which were similar to the 'realities' described my Mr. Grant.

With a highly delusional system in my mind, roaming through the world, it was yet another theory filling my world with sense and meaning.

When my mental state got stable, I often thought about the relation between my experiences and the Tunnels of Seth.

One night, when I was trying to meditate to filter out the auditory hallucinations and go to sleep I felt that some 'evil' entities gather around me and move my body around its vertical axis.

I felt that my flesh is torn away from my bones as if they were eating me up - afterwards I felt that my mind (mind, not body) started falling into some strange timeless dimensions of huge magnitudes.

I remember a voice saying "welcome to the fridge boy", and sound of strong gales.

There was absolutely nothing there, my mind started projecting some 'virtual reality' in which it could establish itself and plot some co-ordinates, but then such horrific images appeared that I wanted to get out of it as fast as possible. Returning to my body I stoop up, turned the lights on and thought about the whole experience.

Nowadays I subscribe to a Jungian world-view, but to capture the wholeness of this and other experiences, I try to interpret it from different perspectives. 

Any ideas, based on your knowledge and experience? 

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many years ago in a land far far away, event before you posted this.. i think .. i experienced something that resonates with what you describe.. I found the best thing was to sit back and enjoy it.. was very creative and artistic not a bit scary.

Did you ever think it might of been a test?

wouldn't you love to know what you are being tested for?