Starfire journal - no more  


Michael Staley
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17/09/2019 11:37 pm  

I decided a while back that there would be no further issues of Starfire. Something new will take its place - there is a title which I have been rolling around the tongue for some time, and which will be revealed when the time is right.

I loved putting together the first five issues. Starfire started in 1986, in the days of copy and paste, and this remained the case for the first four issues. Really good fun - pasting the images into the page of text with cowgum, using snowpake to mask the edges, delivering the camera-ready copy to the printers - those were the days. I used to print out the pages of text using a Brother CE-70 electronic typewriter which was my pride and joy at the time, and which I purchased spefically to output text as camera-ready copy. The typewriter had daisy-wheel fonts, and the one I used was 'Anelia PS'.

Too much information, I expect.

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18/09/2019 11:26 pm  

I really like the combination of fiction and essays in Starfire so I hope something like that continues. The essays are always great in that they are geared towards Thelema and magick but also tie in with other traditions like Toltec, Sabbatic etc.

I recently read my first issue of Wyrd journal by Three hands press and was quite disappointed. I found it overly dry, academic and also lacking in a magickal feel of substance. It read like a current overly-PC college essay collection on fringe topics not related to the occult, such as is the Soma of the vedas actually marijuana? What does the feminine really mean in the concept of Babalon RE gender studies and feminism? etc etc.

Besides Starfire another journal I really enjoyed reading was the recent Fenris Wolf.

Good luck on your new endeavor Mick, looking forward to seeing.

Also that sounds like a lot of hard work re the typesetting, photo etc but very rewarding. I miss those days too, though the closest I got was making handmade books and my own 'bindings'