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Comparing the evolution of ideas  


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25/09/2006 8:17 pm  

It's been a while since I started a new topic, not because I don't have any questions (I have, a lot), but because I enjoyed reading the topics more than giving my ignorant opinion. But this time I'd like to say something that I've been thinking over and over, the idea was born when I read the topic "Aeon of Babalon".

I do get a sense that a lot of people are in a hurry to start another Aeon, like the aeon of horus just lasted like a century and we should all move on, I find it a bit silly, I understand that Aeons are not (only) temporal stages of "cosmic evolution", but also stages of spiritual evolution, but they are not mutually excluding.

Let's compare the first century of the aeon of horus (from 1904 until now) with the first century of christianity. The first century of christianity was rather slow, many didn't understand the idea of the dying god, unlike Islam, christianity imposed itself from the bottom as a popular movement of the masses, they didn't have an army or anything of that sort, at first the christian communities would start spreading the word, slowly, painfully, rejected by most, until there were so many that they practically overtook the empire.

I don't see great difference between the first century of christianity and the first century of thelema, they both started slow, from the underground, gaining numbers, facing rejection most of the time, but I see that both ideas created a community that started spreading all over the world. Sure, now we have internet and printed books, while the firts christians barely had shoes, but any new idea, specially a profound idea, a deep idea, takes it's own time to catch on, to create the appropiate environment and conscienceness to finally move from the underground to the mainstream.

Maybe it's just me, but there are similarities, what do you think?

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26/09/2006 12:36 am  



Your post is quite a good one and brings up some really pertinent ideas to the way in which the Aeon is unfolding...I think it may be a little occult "epidemic" that people want to "rush in" a New Aeon...but I also think its born of a deep impulse to be right at the Fountainhead, plug straight into the Source and not be an adherent to second hand information. An easy way to do this is to imitate Crowley and re-enact his role as Prophet with a set of new ideas (none of which are startlingly "new" esp. as they continue to wrap themselves in the same Egyptian Guise) (Not saying Egypt isn't going to be eternally relevant as a symbol language for the sundry currents that course the Terra...but new "languages" are morphing and developing, as well...and they are going to shake the comfort levels of those attached to their pet modes of understanding).

The Aeon of Horus, you are so right, is JUST begining...the "Baby" born in 1904 is learning words and dexterity, is following out the Signs of the N.O.X., increasingly awakening. The parallel you draw with Christianity is very apropo.


Beyond the "general" trends as they affect the planet and its populus, I see such a multidimensionality in Horus, whose Shadow is Set. Set the Destroyer-Set the Mother. Set-Heru is an emerging form of the Hawk Headed One and when I envision Horus I see the overwhelming flashings of transformation from one form and mode to another. Zendiq's Wallpaper image of Aiwass has something of this whirling light about it-not a clean delineated image of the Minister of Hoor Paar Kraat but a vast whirling energy which moves from Mask to Mask in less than a second.

I see "Aeons" as having a connection to the Bardo States of Tibetan Buddhism and perhaps more especially to the T'ien T'ai School, which evolved into Nichiren Buddhism, postulated a precise mathematical formula of "3,000 Realms in a Single Moment of Life" (a multiplied extension of 10 basic "worlds" [not unlike the Qabala], each containing the Ten Worlds in and of themselves).

The "Worlds" described in this system can be shifted and radiate their energies into each other-one is always cognizant then of the presence of the Buddha-World as it exists as a potential in say the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts-it can literally emerge into that world and utilize its energies as fuel for Enlightenment. But the Buddha-World itself contains the Hungry Ghost Realm...all Realms contain each other...

This may be true of the Aeons (with their "Dark Side" being Beyond the Boundaries of Temporal Space-Time Experience, themselves all Petals on a Great Mandala when seen from that perspective, those Petals all emergent from a central radiating core...a "Luminous Void," to wax Tibetan).

This may be a type of "Pan-Aeonic" viewpoint but I see Horus (Set-Heru) as the forefront emblem of this vision. After all, Horus is built from the seed of Osiris and the blood of the Mother. If a "Universe" is measured in Aeons, Set-Heru CRUSHES not an Aeon but the WHOLE UNIVERSE. And this is merely the Left Hand of Horus...imagine the Heart Mandala-! And beyond it the Sahasrana!

Christianity's Evolution has been multitudinous, to say the least. Papal blessing on Nazi troops, monks conjuring mechanics meant to pull the breasts off of women, Gnostic visions of time-leaping grandiosity, fusions with other religions (Merton and Buddhism for example), Dogma and Politics sleeping together (Hello, Constantine), organized charities, Swedenborgianism and the Mormons, David Tibet, Christ the resurgence of Mithras etc etc etc.

Thelema whose only "Sin" is "Restriction" will go the same splintering you want to be a Roman Catholic Mystic or a Jehovah's Witness...or is there that urge to look straight into the Eyes of God himself?

Given our lifespans, I think the impulse to shoot for the top, hit the Heart of the Sun, Crack the Akashic Egg, Become the Angel and FLY is not to be curtailed.

Back to Buddhism, the various schools I've studied under have all had a striking contrast to the Dogma prevelent in certain Hinayana Sects, where you MIGHT make some progress if you've got a penis and the time to spend wandering through more lifetimes than you can count...instead, there is the Zen understanding that the Buddhahood, the Enlightenment simply IS-and you work to unveil it. It's always been there-and further more, these schools have proclaimed that you can do this in this lifetime.

A much better option, I think.

As we know, to be involved with High Magick is to be involved with Massive Forces. There's a difference between doing up an LBRP (and feeling "increasingly balanced") and making burning strides towards establishing the conditions whereby Shaitan-Aiwass may speak...whereby the Void may interupt into Space-time donning Other Aeonic Masks...all according to Will.

I'm tending to think that Set-Heru Itself may be the Mask Wearer...masks behind masks-Aeons contained in Aeons-compessions and non-linear time frames-accelerating processes-all moment to moment...all a Flame in the Hawk and Shadow, a going flicker in Brahma's Breath...

So, I think in embracing the Current of the Aeon of Horus, the Formulae of 93, we embrace a Mandala, a Yantra which in and of itself expresses the Current yet can unfold and unfold and damn all restrictions we'd place upon it...

...and from leaving these restrictions and onion peelings and layers, manifestations will emerge in new forms.

Thelema will OUT.

After all, what Man is at ease in his INN?