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Confusing the Planes

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Discussion questions after the wall of text...

From Thelemapedia:

"Atziluth—The Archetypical World

The first and highest of the Four Worlds, corresponding to Fire of the elements, Chiah of the soul, and Yod of the Tetragrammaton, is called Atzilut. The term Atzilut is usually translated as "Emanation", but literally means "closeness". This is the "World", or primordial Substance which is the first emanation out of God's unique and pure Essence, and is therefore the "World" closest to Divinity. This Substance corresponds to Philosophic Fire, which - as opposed to literal fire - is best described as "living light". The Substance of "living light" is intangible and has no definite, specific Form, but its dynamic qualities of vitality and illumination are distinguishable. Life and light are the two qualities that must be postulated as being prevalent in any Divinely creative act. Since these qualities can be discerned as having existence distinct from Essential Divinity, the emanation of the primal "living light" (Substance) is the preliminary phase of Divine Creation. This phase is what is called Atzilut. As this is the primal spiritual Substance from which all other matter evolves, it corresponds to that which is called Chiah in the evolution of souls."

"Briah—The Creative World

The next phase, corresponding to Water of the elements, Neshamah of the soul, and the first Heh of the Tetragrammaton, is called the World of Briah, which translates as "Creation". Like Neshamah, the function of Briah is to define specific Form and function in the amorphous energy of Atzilut. This is the evolutionary stage where matter begins to condense, "solidify", and to acquire specific, distinguishable qualities of it's own. This is because the Divine Unity is indivisible. Specification, which is division from that Unity, cannot be classified as Divine because the condensation of primal Substance into specific Form begins to occur at this stage. Thus, Briah corresponds to Neshamah, the stage where the human soul acquires individual personality and identity."

"Yetzirah—The Formative World

It must be understood that Briah is a purely embryonic stage where specification and differentiation are applied only in an abstract sense, identifying the potential function of specific Forms and forces. The actual separation and division of these different qualities occurs in the next phase of evolution, called Yetzirah, which literally translates as "Formation". The world of Yetzirah corresponds to Air of the elements, Ruach of the soul, and Vau of the Tetragrammaton. As Air is generally associated with the intellect, this is the stage where differentiation of qualities (analysis) is applied to matter, and where these qualities are combined (synthesis) and Formed into archetypal conceptual compositions with a view towards various specific applications. This is the function of the human intellect with which an individual theoretically experiments with various courses of action with the intellect and comes to a decision that the individual thinks will best serve the primal motivation or desire. Yetzirah corresponds to Ruach in that this is the stage where a specific compound is identified and given personal existence in the same way that an individual human personality is given identity and necessitates a physical vehicle."

"Assiah—The Material World

Here we come naturally to the fourth and final stage of development, called Assiah, which translates as "Action". The World of Assiah corresponds to Earth of the elements, Nefesh of the soul, the human body, and the final Heh of the Tetragrammaton. Assiah is the actual physical universe in which all things live and carry out their functions. This is the final proving ground where all the preceding Worlds and Spheres are actualized. The results are judged according to how well they perform their intended purpose, which is conceived in Briah and gestates and takes Form in Yetzirah. In correspondence, the human body is the proving ground of the soul, where the soul is evaluated according to how well it fulfills it's intended purpose (Thelemically, the Higher, or Pure, Will)."

We may hear or see the term, "confusing the planes". Of course, the above Four Worlds of the Qabalah is a commonly used description of these planes.

1. What do you think the Four Worlds are?

2. How do you use the concept in your everyday life, both inwardly and outwardly?

3. What scientific explanations have you seen/heard of equating science with these Four Worlds?

4. The Qabalistic model also includes a full Tree of Life within each Sephirah. What do you think of how the Four World model interacts with each of these Trees?

5. How does the idea of the Four Worlds relate to Thelema?

6. How does the idea of the Four Worlds relate to Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. (in the interest that Thelema is largely derived from practices of many world religions)?

7. Which parts of The Human Body do you equate with each of the Four Worlds, and why? How do those parts interact with each other to form the whole of the System?

8. What do you think of the idea of a Soul or Spirit, and how does it fit into this Four Worlds model?

9. How do you think Aleister Crowley used the model of the Four Worlds, and to what ends?

10. In what ways does the model of the Four Worlds work in accordance with the Holy Books of Thelema?

11. Finally, what do you think it means to "confuse the planes"? Can/Will you provide examples?

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Before Atziluth, is the physical objective world of physical objects as they are, the human body is one such physical object and the brain is one part of the body. Objects interact with the sense organs of the body, and the changes in the sense organs are passed down the chain to the brain.

Where it becomes processed in

Atziluth is the raw undifferentiated sense data is collected

Which is then broken down into

Briah where the the raw data begins to take form, the Self is separated from from the other, the internal noise from the external world. The raw data is broken down into types and categories.

Then it enters

Yetzirah Where those categories are related one to the other and the interactions help define the identity of each one.

Then finally

Assiah where the locations in space time are added such that the minds model of the external world is applied to the sense data. Thus this stage is an imperfect mirror of the Physical reality outside of the mind, before the information even became detected by Atziluth.

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In my experience i guess it corresponds holistically, it is easier to see the 4 Planes as the elements of my body, that all sickness arises from an imbalance- a fair amount of air, work, water and food.
And this is also in the organism of society... rationalizing or mental stimulation (fire/air) will not entirely compensate for a deficiency of nutrients or physical satisfaction (earth), so i must be aware of what actions best serve the whole. In this way, if i am intellectually inclined, it might be well to get out in the dirt and do some manual labor- providing my energy to the everyday work; which really is an essential part of the Great Work and one i often forget. From the top to the bottom, the signal path runs both ways and i often transmit much more than i receive!
I have often tried to aspire to do that lofty intangible 'spiritual work' without recognizing
the necessary action: the devine of the simple and everyday; that experiments and experience are the best teachers.

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You're right of course in making this question completely incomprehensible. I agree with your premise but only so far as I misunderstand it.