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Poll: Has the Caliphate helped to evolve Thelema?

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"hawthornrussell" wrote:
Thanks for the replies chaps.


Over 50% of you (54%) disagreed with the motion of the caliphate helping to evolve the Thelemic movement. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing i dont know. 33% agreed with this assertion that the caliphate is a benefit to the Thelemic movement.But some of the posts defending the caliphate could have done a better job in their defence of the caliphate. The irony wasnt lost on me that one of the best arguments(defending the caliphate) was actually put up by Mr Staley of Typhonian fame. 😀

What i have learnt from this thread is that there still doesnt seem to be be any collective agreement amongst Thelemites over the role and direction of the caliphate (and their place in the Thelemic community). To me this is a good thing since Thelema will never produce sheep or a herd mentality.

In Conclusion; Thelema will continue to be a many headed beast that will travel in many directions regardless of history.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Not too much interested in this thread, but If you know who is the Woman who rides this many headed beast, please inform me. I would like to date her.

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Can anyone else on the forum suggest books by caliphate members which are new , fresh , and innovative?



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"hawthornrussell" wrote:
33% agreed with this assertion that the caliphate is a benefit to the Thelemic movement.

No they didn't!

33% stated that they believed that "the caliphate helped to evolve the principles of Thelema?" Why did you feel obliged to throw in this "benefit to the Thelemic movement" spin?

Oh well... On that note, combined with the fact that this thread has descended to the level of how cool it would be to date Babalon, it's time for closure.

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