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Publication of Achad-Yorke correspondence 1948-49

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I'm pleased to say that final preparations are underway for the publication in May or June by Starfire Publishing Ltd of the correspondence in 1948-49 between Charles Stansfeld Jones (Frater Achad) and Gerald Yorke. This publication, of approximately 500 pages, will be released under the title The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat.

After Crowley's death, his long-time friend Gerald Yorke was keen to build up an extensive archive of Crowley's letters, diaries, typescripts and other documents. In February 1948 he wrote to Jones asking for a copy of Liber 31, which Jones had written in 1918 setting out his discovery of AL as the Key to The Book of the Law, and which Crowley had accepted enthusiastically. This was probably the high point of the relationship between Crowley and Jones. Soon afterwards, Jones became increasingly interested in the Aeon of Truth and Justice, foreshadowed in the third chapter of The Book of the Law as the Aeon to succeed that of Horus. This led to growing estrangement between the two men, brought to a head when Crowley accused Jones of stealing a crate of his rare books and manuscripts. This culminated in 'The Release' of 1926, a legal dissolution of relations and financial obligations between the two.

In the course of this correspondence between Jones and Yorke, Jones threw a great deal of light on relations between he and Crowley over the years. Then, on the 2nd April 1948, Jones detected the inauguration of the Aeon of Truth and Justice as the Ma-Ion, and there was much in the subsequent correspondence between Jones and Yorke exploring the implications of the new aeon. Kenneth Grant drew upon this correspondence throughout his Typhonian Trilogies, in particular in Outside the Circles of Time where he linked the Ma-Ion with the Egg which occured repeatedly throughout the visions of the Amalantrah Working in 1918.

Further details of this forthcoming book can be found on the Starfire Publishing website:

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“To get into the Wake World you must know your thirteen times table quite well. So if you take them both together that makes eleven times thirteen, and then you say “Abrahadabra,” which is a most mysterious word, because it has eleven letters in it. “
The Wake World .
Equinox Vol. V no. 1 A.C. pg 433

‘the appearance of the egg adumbrated the manifestation of the Aeon of the daughter, Known as Ma-Ion . It is important to note that the word “manifestation” is the ‘key of the rituals’ referred to in AL.I.20 . Achad showed how the thirteen letters of this word can be disposed about a thirteen pointed Star-Diamond, which he thought to be the symbol of the New Manifestation. The Key of the Rituals is thus contained in the formula Ma Ion, and ion of Ma (the daughter) is the secret ion, or supreme secretion .

Outside the Circles of Time - Kenneth Grant pg 96

…’The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat’ . This timing he associated with the numbers 351, 352, 353,…
353 is the number of the Frog, the symbolic leaper, jumper, or voltigeur…the frog is a totem of Hecate the Witch who transforms from the old crone or hag (hexe) into the voluptuous enchantress: the mother into the daughter . Hecate is also a goddess to be a form of the Star Sirius .

Outside the Circles of Time - Kenneth Grant pg 97

Gonna have to get a copy !

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Great news! Eagerly looking forward to this.

A question slightly related. Has there been any extensive documentation on the relationship between Jones and Malcolm Lowry? It's been a few years since I read it, but I recall Gordon Bowker's biography on Lowry mentioning it only cursorily. But an interview with Jones's son a few years back found here indicates that the two were quite close.

I'm asking because "Under the Volcano" is one of my all time favorite novels.

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Has there been any extensive documentation on the relationship between Jones and Malcolm Lowry?

No, I don't think there has as yet. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me a page of holograph notes that Achad had made on his relations with Lowry.

One of the stumbling-blocks into research at present is the dispersal of Achad's papers after his death. For instance, after the death of Fred Kaiser (a successor as mahaguru of the cell of the Universal Brotherhood which Achad had joined in the early 1920s and later headed), someone bought some filing cabinets in a clearance sale of the contents of Kaiser's house, and subsequently discovered that the cabinets were full of papers. These turned out to be Achad's, and were auctioned on ebay over the years.

Such fragmentation at present makes research difficult, but I hope that in future years Achad's papers and diaries will be gathered together again.

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Looking forward to reading this and seeing what the differing opinions were on the Aeon of Maat.

I take the Grantian view that it is 'co-habitating' with the Aeon of Horus. I think however the Aeon of Horus is more prominent in expression with Maat being a subcurrent of sorts.

Steven; Thanks for sharing that Under the Volcano novel; sounds good!


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