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The Liber Al Riddle Solved.  


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12/04/2009 4:14 pm  

The Liber Al Riddle Solved (again).

Crowley said (apparently) that the solution, when found, will be unquestionable and will be marked by 'the most sublime simplicity, and carry immediate conviction.

i) 4,638 - Four thousand, six hundred and eight
ii) a b k – a & b are variables. K = 1000.
iii) 2 4 a l – refers to 24 AL - I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty. We assign 6 to variable A and 50 to variable B
iv) g m – golden mean, or golden ratio

v) or – simply the english word. One half of the puzzle confirms the other half. It verifies itself.
vi) 3 y x 24 89 – again y & x are variables – 24 and 89 assigned values to them.
vii) r p s – Revolutions Per Second
viii) t o v a l – To Value.

First Half:

Following instructions of Al 25. - Divide, Add, Multiply and Undertsand, and we have the following;

The Golden Mean / 4,638 + (6 * 50) = 300.000 K or 300,000 = Sephiroth Binah (3) (understanding).

What does this mean? It’s all about different perspectives relating to time. For every 300,000 years on this planet, a mere 3 days passes from the perspective of this supernal.

Second Half:
(Confirming that this is a riddle all to do with time/space perspectives);

Following the clue from line 47. Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra.

The line is the perimeter of the circle, clearly divided up into 24 hours periods, making it represent a day. A square (in it’s failure) is drawn up inside of the circle (using 89 degree angles) to confirm how the calandar looses time which is why every 4 years (or 4 degrees missing from the square) there has to be a Leap year! So this is a definate confirmation of the first half of the riddle – because Days and Years on Earth are Revolutions Per second from the perspective of Binah.

The riddle is solved, in all it’s sublime simplicity and I am the magickal child ;P


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I really must insist, alrah, that you avoid making these sorts of posts. They add nothing to the site and have a habit of inviting others to present their 'proofs'. The fact that you've combined your rather obscure 'proof' with a lack of conviction ("ROTFLMAO!") makes its presence here even less appropriate.

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