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[Closed] Hellfire Books

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I have already had one post regarding this bookseller censored. For what reason I do not know as it appears that no explanations are given if the moderator decides not to publish a post.

The dishonesty of the person running Hellfire books has been documented elsewhere on this site by me and others without a problem and yet now I am censored. 

What relationship does Lashtal share with Hellfire books? Simple question. 

I again attempt to draw attention to Hellfire who is now attempting to launch a membership scheme to lure people into giving money.  I have been ripped off by the guy running this site and so have others and this serves as a warning to those who may be lured by his books (which are unfortunately excellent).

I am appalled that no explanation is given for a post about a person who has already ripped people off here.  It has been established that there is a track record of this behaviour.

I am very suspicious now of this censoring by Lashtal.

Whoever the moderator is, if you don't want this obvious prudent warning to go up do me the courtesy of telling me why.


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Posted by: @mazus

I am very suspicious now of this censoring by Lashtal.

You should be aware that ALL posts are now experiencing a short delay in posting after the REPLY button is pushed. This is because all posts get subjected to an AI Inquisition, whereby a robot scans the words, looking for no-nos to block. Other folks have complained about their posts being eaten or lost, and it comes back to the AI Robot (and how it is programmed).

I do not know the criteria or trigger-words that will block a post, but the Moderator has explained this phenomena ... and he has professed (confessed) to NOT blocking folks' posts personally. We don't know what stopped your message, but thanks for the tip about being wary when signing up (and paying in advance, please) for the Hellfire Book Club.


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Thanks for that.  I hadn't thought about that, and there was no doubt that my original post used stronger posts such as thief.  But I tried to post it under news and it has sunk without trace.

If my insinuation about an unholy connection between Lashtal and Hellfire are too harsh I apologise for that.  I'd be horrified and genuinely surprised if that were the case.

I know that ages ago I also posted about another shark at I think it was Arkham Studios who I had paid for a Crowley figurine that never arrived.  Back then Paul actually emailed the guy and got some movement on things.  Amazingly I actually got the figurine about two years after I paid for it through the attention that Lashtal brought onto the situation.  I know that I am not the only one on this site who has been done over by this guy.  So the least that I can do is bring things like this up.

As I said, the crying shame is that his books are first rate and he still supplies places like Miskatonic Books.  Bottom line is that I'd love to be buying his stuff again! 


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There is a new product offering today for Hell Fire Books Club 'membership' which includes a free book and access to all manner of secret societies. I think I will wait this one out. 😎 

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