"I showed it to Mick Jagger and he added a soundtrack from a new Moog synthesiser he was experimenting with - he just gave it to me. I think that's rather unusual."

"The film that remains seems more a tribute to Crowley than a documentary of the period's counter-culture. But, still describing himself as a "follower" of Crowley, Anger is entirely content with that. "The reason I like Crowley so much is because he had such a mordant sense of humour," he says. "He predicted the explosion of the Sixties, and the return to a sort of Paganism, a nature worship. In the film I'm invoking a kid of pantheistic freedom. Lucifer is not Satan - under my artistic licence the name actually means 'bringer of light'. I think he should climb back up and reclaim heaven - that's my conceit."