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    A short message from the short Thelemis on Thelema

    A∴A∴ – Astrum Argenteum have failed and cease to speak for or of Thelema

    A∴A∴ were never LAwfully consigned the right to represent Thelema
    A∴A∴ are hereby and forthwith Invalidat-ed and their rights to utter words of Thelema rendered nullified as obsolete.

    adjective: invalid
    (of an official document or procedure)A∴A∴ not LAwfully recognized because it contravenes Thelema regulation or Thelema law.
    “the A∴A∴ was declared invalid due to a technicality”

    (especially of an argument, statement, or theory) not true because based on erroneous information or unsound reasoning.
    “a comparison is invalid if we are not comparing like with like”
    synonyms: false, untrue, inaccurate, faulty, fallacious, spurious, inadequate, unconvincing, unsound, weak, wrong, wrongly inferred, wide of the mark, off target; More
    (of computer instructions, data, etc.) A∴A∴ not conforming to the correct format or specifications.

    A∴A∴ void, legally void, null, null and void, unenforceable, not binding, inoperative, worthless;
    A∴A∴ invalid opinion, argument, :A∴A∴ is not correct, :
    A∴A∴ is not logical nor based on correct information:

    A∴A∴ is false, untrue, inaccurate, faulty, fallacious, spurious, inadequate, unconvincing, unsound, weak, wrong, wrongly inferred, wide of the mark, off target; unjustified, unsubstantiated, unwarranted, untenable, baseless, ill-founded, unfounded, groundless; illogical, irrational, unscientific, absurd, preposterous, inconsistent; off beam, out, way out, full of holes,

    A∴A∴ bogus
    “the whole A∴A∴ is invalid”

    I hereby Appoint Lashtal.com Thelema the regents* of the Heir in the North The positive with in LAM
    I hereby appoint Mayet.com.au Thelemis the Royal Heir in the south the negative with out MAM

    Thelemis – Tera Austraeus

    The Word that is the work on the word that works. AMAL LAAM ALMA MAAL LAMA

    together we are the Mammal

    *regency subject to further verification post Ignorant Meeting



    Let me guess. You used to be a member of the A’A’?



    Not sure what spurred this declaration but wonder if it may in part Shiva’s comments re: the (questionable?) relationship between the A.A. as a Spacetime vehicle and that unsullied Verity it has claimed to represent.



    I believe
    A’A’ is not the A∴A∴

    @dom no but I had fun dancing with A∴A∴ .. then mi’lady got Hangry
    Im flabbergasted … I got called ChoriZon or whatever that pokemon monster is
    then an army of facades came out on attack
    I C horizon the mirror mirage is what I get from it so nothing monstrous taken accepted
    stupid furtive robbers in the camp multiply lies after perusing the work produced of A∴A∴ – A∴A∴ received the BIG F AKA Thelemic fail…

    A∴A∴ Assholes Anonymous or Astrum Argenteum do not speak for thelema or Aleister Crowley’s Work

    referring to

    [Moderator’s Note: Name deleted…] (and in the humor, I have neither cashed in nor am I doing much but TRASH AC’s work, post-’16 anyway and restoring the legacy he fucked with Neuberg’s cock)



    Spacetime vehicle
    sighted, morph,
    at least it seemed;
    in the seeming section,
    and even the verification;
    in time space;
    has passed into,



    Tiger-Your words have me recalling the times in my life when the hard to come by magical documents I was able to procure filled my head and heart with visions of an Order which has been with us from Time Immemorial, an Invisible Fraternity possessing the “Secret of Secrets” and all the many things alluded to in official O.T.O. literature.

    I have learned time and again that Bob Dylan’s words were wisdom:

    “What looks large at a distance up close ain’t never that big.”

    However, your words also touch upon and evoke the rightness of the Longing.

    Nick Cave now: “There is a Kingdom and there is a King.”

    The Way into that Palace will be seen through eyes much changed by disillusionment upon the Path.



    Great Post Kidneyhawk
    nice to have you back !



    @mayet R. Furtkamp is who again? A name i know from a guitar noise forum, i think. Probably the same one.



    “Great Post Kidneyhawk
    nice to have you back !”

    Cheers, Friend!

    I visit daily and have followed, with great interest, many threads I’ve not participated in. I miss the Babble-On Box where fun and friendly comments could be made in lieu of derailing dialogue in the threads with “frivolity.” Perhaps our esteemed Webmaster would consider bringing it back?

    Respect to Mayet and I am not wishing to sidetrack the discussion she started here. Looking forward to where it may lead.



    he represents A∴A∴ on the book of the facade ..he wasn’t fast enough I caught him in the mirror



    just for posting a pretty Picture by the Master therion

    greetings Kittyhawk



    double post due to pretty pictures

    Moderator’s Note: Link to copyright image removed (Thoth deck)…]

    all I did was post the above and hell broke loose

    the energy of the hate rebounded and I created more love.. and gave them a beautiful sunflower… so they blocked me

    [Moderator’s Note: Link to copyright image removed (Thoth deck)…]

    the star has appeared



    “greetings Kittyhawk”

    Greetings, Mayet. Although I should point out that I am KIDNEY Hawk. I suspect you’ll appreciate that as these valuable little organs are presided over by Libra-and, by extension, Ma’at. In some ways, this screen name is an expression of alignment with the Double Current written of in Grant’s wonderful Trilogies.

    I will add, however, that I am also quite fond of our feline friends in this world so Kitties and their Kind are always welcome. 🙂



    I have always seen your name as kittyhawk it was only a few weeks ago I saw it was kidney …

    did you know Australia has never had native felines or so they say … its a bit “sasquatchy” with people posting pics of a black panther here there and everywhere…



    An Adeptess
    uttered the word
    and called forth Mammal
    a portal was opened
    a window and a star dazzling hook
    here at Lashtal.com

    possibly perhaps not agreed
    on the level
    of daily social experience;
    and the many forms that arise;
    sense of distinct single body,
    the experiencer of feelings,
    the maker of intentions,
    the architect of plans,
    the transposer alchemist,
    the sharer,
    in that focal point space.

    The rally
    was uttered



    m: A∴A∴ – Astrum Argenteum have failed and cease to speak for or of Thelema

    Now, now. Let’s look things squarely in the eye:

    It is my professional opinion that either:

    (1) You have encountered some trauma (let me count the ways, I know), which has set you off hurling curses at a couple of letter with 6 dots, which was Crowley’s trademark emblem for the invisible order that has no name, or …

    (2) You cannot find your medications, or are purposely avoiding them, or …

    (3) You are out of your mind, and not in an implosion to zero (which would be fine), but in an external outburst of imbalanced furor.

    Take your choice. The sleep it off. In the morning, please consult a physician.

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