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    Actually, we’re “discussing [S.’. H.’. Fra.] Los’s [8=3] capacity and ability to explain and present things” that he has never experienced, but has only read about in books.
    That is not an easy task with an ineffable state or experience. Shiva has the advantage of knowing what he’s talking about.

    I meant the sub-thread dealing with the 8=3’s curious “sloppy analogy” as presented by Arthur (which echoes the previous recent discussion about why the variables of Symbolic Logic need to be explicit and how the 8=3 didn’t apparently grasp that).

    However you’re right in terms of the OP.

    Note also that The Phallus Of A Goat may be hampered in trying to describe a state the very existence of which poses deep challenges for his world-view (on which he has an unusually tight death-grip).

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    Can i toss in Alterity as a sub-thread ?
    Can it fit into a discussion about personality annihilation, 8=3’s and samadhi ?



    Since I just wrote about it (yesterday) elsewhere for other purposes, I suppose it’s appropriate to lock-in the synchronicity with this thread’s topic. The Chapter is called OPACITIES, also known as Obscurities, Barriers, Gaps in consciousness, and Veils. Ten Veils are identified. And the eighth of that total shall be called …

    The Veil of The Abyss – This Veil, a “very major” gap in consciousness, separates the Adept of the Inner Order from the Masters of the Supernal Order.

    Internally, this Veil separates an one’s causal body (the Soul Body or ABSTRACT MIND) from the universal consciousness (Buddhi-Atma) of the True Self. Those are all the key words, crammed into one sentence.

    Only a clear causal body allows access to the Abyss. Clear means all personal karma has been burned off – This is often called “destroying the ego,” but the ego is not necessarily “destroyed,” but rather it is “the elimination of that personality which limits and burdens the true self.”

    Thus, there is something left, but that something is in harmony with one’s “Higher Self.”

    The internal state associated with this Veil is that of desolation and undoing (it is a negative state, also called reversal ).

    In a person’s life, many things will be disposed of, disappear, or be taken away. Essentially, anything that supports the validity of a separate, individual willpower or consciousness has to go, and the universe is quite skilled in removing these heavy rocks that are chained around a person’s neck.

    Everything is not taken away. Everyone gets to keep their concepts and their possessions that support the Great Work, and do not help to prop up the tottering Ego.

    The person has no choice in this matter. All they can do is adapt to the changes.

    They will realize what is taking place, but this realization will not make them feel better.

    But at least there is a small, sense of relief in just lettings things go (away).

    Friends? They will let you down. Social support will be withdrawn.
    Family? They may have “good advice” for you, but their influence will be removed.
    The universal process will ensure that the candidate has all props removed, that he or she is inserted into a situation where absolute self-reliance is required, and that any personal ambitions, plans, or predilections are erased.

    But here’s the funny part: After the allotted timespan of “annihilation” has passed, and surely its length will vary with the individual [average, say, the better part of a year or two], one may well find that their friends are friendly again, and their family relations are better than ever.

    As has been suggested, one must go outside in order to move on through. Some great departure from the norm is going to take place.

    This is due to the fact that everything up to this point has been inside … regardless of how many great, external changes one has conjured. The entire personal show stops at the crown chakra, the “hundred meetings,” at the roof of Chesed, and to enter Binah, (no) one needs to directly access the 8th chakra … but it’s located outside the usual and customary rules of engagement.

    The human energy field, a person’s aura, looks like a sphere, is actually a bit pear-shaped (especially in the denser, gravity-sensitive bands), but factually is like an apple, which has a flowing depression along its axis, just like the magnetic field it is.

    [image of an apple next to a magnetic field]

    The 8th, 9th, and 10th chakras are located in that neutral zone along the axis Line, above the head, which is outside even the normally functional MIND. And that’s why one has to go outside their accustomed “being” and field of influence in order to access Binah, the Atmic Self.

    [image showing three chakras in the "neutral zone" of the magnetic field, above the head]

    There is no known practice, meditation, or siddhi (magical power) that will transport an Adept unto Atma.

    This is because the process is supramental, or perhaps premental would be more accurate. Both terms mean the MIND is not involved. One uses the MIND to set up a scenario that the universe likes, and then it (the universe) moves in an changes take place.

    These changes are right out of the mystical descriptions in the printed scriptures, but when they take place right in the middle of daily life, they have just a subtle touch of difference.

    ———- end quoted insertion ————-



    Did the byproduct of material processes get lost in the math realms ?
    well maybe the symbolic specters will take on form in this mise en scene .

    Well i’m copyin and pastin what shiva posted .
    Thank Shiva !

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