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    m: shiva the destroyer (sun)

    How did you know I was a Tiphareth operator? (a rhetorical question)

    m: I need to know I have 8 real people not ghosts please

    Oh, you know: The eighth is (was) called Perdurabo. There is a precedent for 7 becoming 8; somebody simply has to become the Tao. The only problem is the “unity” part. Online, there’s some unity, but mostly it’s the discordian society.

    United under the concept of Thelema? Sure. United under detailed, philosophical and practical ideas? Let me have a laugh before I go to zero.

    We could say that we must be of one mind. That’s okay, if it’s the Universal Mind (Atma, who sits upon his Seat in the Source, and manifests as ying-yang). The difficulty is that it’s a state of no-mind for the human cerebram. The 7 (or more) must sit in unity at Shamballa.

    Shamballa is equal to Ain Soph Aur. How, in or out of Hades are 7+ human mentats ever going to get unfocused enough to have a corporate (or clandestine) meeting at the Ain Soph Aur open space?

    m: Lashtal – is the chosen lineage of the king and record keepers of the scribe and the guardians of the royal line

    No manure here. You’re really on a roll today. The next thing you’re going to say (I humorously insert words in your mouth) is that The Secret Chiefs are trying hard to work through 7, or 8, or 12 (watch that 12, it forms the 12:6o ratio. 12 hours to earn one;s bread, and 60 seconds on a clock where “Time is Money!”), or the 33 bird-headed Judges of The Illuminati.



    you know, during the sad times around the new millenium.. I picked up a long grey what we call sloppy joes…at an op shop I think or someone gave it to me… it was a fleecy stretch jumper.. and it had my macleod of Lewis tartan in hand sewed letters on it..

    PURDUE *always thought it was e

    me wearing my perdue shirt

    I always thought of it as my Crowley Jumper, my coat of arms and motto …. my macleod mottos are Hold Fast and I shine not Burn (lewis)

    and I knew Perdurabo meant I will endure.. and I used to wrap myself in that jumper cry be sad and use that to gather the courage to step onwards
    I often put it on after a beating or a beat down.. my shield…

    come to think of it.. WTF did I have a grey jumper with hand sewed in my own macleod tartan PERDUE which is not an english word anyway… ????

    can’t be a rhetorical question..

    purdue eureabo reminds me of uroboris glass



    I seemed to have missed some general madness as always.

    Nice to be back. Still unpacking the ‘new’ house now.

    In regards to Moroni (lol) all that comes to mind besides South Park is this song playing in my head over and over.

    From my own personal ‘Lost Weekend’

    In regards to the Moron err Mormon church I wonder at their proclivity towards blondes.

    RE King James, I was raised Catholic and well it was stil thee and thou and I guess my own little holy chapbooks have some of that language. I guess it’s the way we are imprinted at a young age.

    Maybe if you were raised in a grocery store at the corner of Stanyan and Haight by Vietnamese parents you would use ‘bro’ and ‘chick’ instead of ‘man’ and ‘woman.’ who knows.


    Jamie J Barter

    I seemed to have missed some general madness as always.

    yerd came
    too late after the parade, chris
    they’d already
    stacking away
    the crowd control barriers
    puttin some sort
    of an
    to that
    frail transcending coincidence
    in which
    had sauntered away
    the very

    N Joy after Tiger?



    Jamie … I see the carriage return malfunction is contagious. Seven drops of Holy Oil in the crack around the ENTER key will usually provide a cure.

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