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    It’s striking how close the illustrations in the Dragon book refers to The Formula of Zos Vel Thanatos. Did he mention to someone if he managed to extract any information from the book? Of what nature was this information? Spare mentioned in the letters to Grant that the aphorisms was intended to be read in a specific order. It’s not impossible Spare hid such information in the form of sacred letters.



    I haven’t read my copy of Dragon Book yet because I have to start Azoetia first and that is a side pursuit to my more serious A.:.A.:. work, but I have to ask, can you be more detailed?

    How do you think the illustrations Chumbley did refer to the ‘formula’ of ZOS?





    First I would like to say that the art analysis were a bit misleading regarding mixing The Niburu myth into the magical steles. It’s just the regular Equinox with it’s dog days. Still they contain relevant info about the principles when it comes to their function as meta information for the rearrangement of the sacred alphabet. The Serpent layout synthesized with the astrological layout connects it to the egyptian precession by the minor arcana layout. I saw a layout which had 12 outer cards, 36 inner for each decan, 7 for each day in the week, and a cross of 4 (or 5?) cards in the centre, if I remember right. Some also operates with 37 decans when they talk about the egyptian year, which may explain why he put 73 instead of 72 sacred letters per column.

    To answer your question:
    – He has more or less copied the urn formula in Zos Speaks! and made it the grand ritual of his grimoire, and they both referred to the same astronomical and astrological principles. I haven’t studied the Dragon book in it’s depth, so I refrain from giving any in depth analysis.



    If it’s based on a card layout it’s more likely based on the Golden Dawn layout with 36 card in the outer circle. The circle inside of the first circle have 12 cards inside. Between each of the 12 cards is another round of 12 cards in a circle even closer to the center. I don’t know what the twelve cards represent in the Golden Dawn context, but they may represent the Zodiac + the 24 hours (?). In one of the magical steles there are 8 red triangles, 7 around the square, and one red outside.

    In line 48 in of the sacred alphabet in The Logomachy of Zos one can read: Crux horizontally, vertically in the u of the Crux word one can read:sum. Vertically of the x in the crux word one can read: 2×2. It may represent the center (vertically one can clearly read: torso (omega) 2×2 show pi). There’s also other meta information in there which I’m trying to structure into a coherently whole. Although I don’t think the torso word necessary is supposed not to be read related to the cross. above torso one can possibly read 36 vertically, the number six turned the wrong way. To the left horizontally of the t in torso one could read 23 or 36 casts.



    Note: Although the cross may symbolize the arms of the torso, it may also of course be the division of the torso.



    Correction: 36 Torso could also be interpreted as 360 torso, for beside the 2×2 is possibly the number 181 (it could also mean 2×18, since the the formula found on page 108 in Zos Speaks! indicates that God’s testicles are meant to be cut into 9 parts.) To the left of the O in ‘show’ there’s also the number 9 (or 2) which makes it 90. 360:4=90. What does God’s testicles translates into? Possibly the four (or five) elements.
    From the 5’er beside of the number 90 is also the number 10 hanging from the triangles.


    Jamie J Barter

    the formula found on page 108 in Zos Speaks! indicates that God’s testicles are meant to be cut into 9 parts.
    As didn’t Spike Milligan so often used to like to say: “the unkindest cut of all”?!

    What does God’s testicles translates into? Possibly the four (or five) elements.
    If it’s four do you think that may possibly mean they’ve managed to “drop” more than if it was five? (Or might that have been t’other way around?)

    Triangular-hangingly but not lopsidedly descending into matterly yours,
    Norma N Joy Conquest .’.


    Michael Staley

    … since the the formula found on page 108 in Zos Speaks! indicates that God’s testicles are meant to be cut into 9 parts.

    This seems to me a bizarre analysis. Page 108 of Zos Speaks! is part of a letter of November 1954 from Grant to Spare, where Grant is interpreting a sequence of sigils and asking Spare if his interpretation is correct. Spare’s reply is to the effect that he is in no position as yet to judge since he’s lost the Key to the Alphabet, and must therefore reconstruct it.

    It may well be that Kenneth was “right” in his interpretations of each Letter. He had first come across The Book of Pleasure in the early 1940s via Michael Houghton, acquired Spare’s other books soon after, and was thus very familiar with Spare’s work when finally meeting him in 1949. Writing to a correspondent many years later, in 1991, Grant alluded to this:

    “. . . However, I will say briefly that my first meeting with Zos was characterized by a sense of instantaneous and mutual affinity, a total rapport that I have experienced with very few people in my life. There is in such cases an unmistakeable sense of recognition – I cannot describe it in any other way.”

    However, your interpretation of the sequence contrives to be both liberal and literal. Why is it the testicles of God that are to be butchered, for instance, rather than those of the devotee? Whoever’s testicles are bound for the chopping board, why nine parts?

    What does God’s testicles translates into? Possibly the four (or five) elements.

    Whether the testicles are of God or of devotee, it’s my opinion that the term indicates the life-force.



    First of all I think it’s because 9 is the number of the ego. The symbolic meaning of dissecting god into nine parts would be to manifest god in the ego (as in the “I am god” doctrines). The dynamic relationship between God and Ego shines through in the whole Logomachy. Like in aphorism “817: If the Absolute is absolute, nothing is impossible; which implies that arbitrarily – without necessity – the Absolute, like Jove, may take pleasure in contact with human flesh … why not? If we are to have the miraculous what then is more wonderful than giving dimensions to infinities”

    The “self” in The Book of pleasure are described as four principles: ” Vitalized by the breath of self-love, life is conscious of one. Self being its opposing force, is alternately conflict, harmony, life and death. These four principles are one and the same-the conception considered as the complete “self” or consciousness-hence they may be blended into unity and Symbolized. One form made by two, that is three-fold and having four directions.”

    In the formula on page 108 the inverted “self”, the life force, has nine dots above it.

    At the same time the numbers mentioned above supports each other. I mentioned that the identified nine in 90 also could be a 2, which again could be seen in relationship to the letter above which is a horisontal 8 crossed by a one (which makes it a 12 vertically read). So it would be like if each of the four 90s are supposed to be divided into 3 layers of 30. Each layer of the square will then have 12×10.
    Time will tell what Nuit’s ovum emits ;=)



    One could also claim that cutting the testicles of God in order to make them a dimensional fit is equivalent to the eight formula, just oposite (the same principle though):

    Eighth Formula: Formula of Arrivism



    The best person to choose would be of the ‘arrivist type’ — those cocky bastards
    who seem to obtain all they need whenever they want it. Being intense
    egocentrics they are mediumistic or susceptible only to silent suggestion… So,
    look into their eyes and convey to them silently that they are the media for the
    transit of the obsessing elemental desired. They act simply as something en
    rapport between you and the elemental. To make yourself acceptive and fit for
    obsession — acts of sacrifice and purgation are essential beforehand. Also, the
    elemental must be named and given an appropriate Sigil.

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