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    CLUES (“A fairground worker”)

    “We asked The Beatles to choose the heroes,” Haworth recalls, “but they didn’t choose enough to be the crowd. Peter and I chose over half.” Contrary to reports, Ringo Starr was involved, putting comedian Issy Bonn on the list. John Lennon, meanwhile, offered more contentious choices. “Aleister Crowley and Hitler were on John’s list,” Haworth says. “Hitler was cut out as a full-size standing figure, and there’s photographic evidence of it in the centre-front row for quite a long time. To the shame of everyone there, it wasn’t taken out immediately.”




    oh dear poor Hitler (SARC as the kids say). history is written by the victors.

    I just finished a book that said Hess and the English lords were trying to make peace.AND throw Hitler out of power AND Churchill because they were both war mongering ass hats at least circa 1941. They may have been better before.

    At least Lennon had some sense to include some real megaliths instead of actors. Good or bad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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