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    Crowley was of course a prolific liar. I based my post on skimming through the sections on education, and places where he lived or spent a good deal of time, in the Hag and a couple biographies. It is certainly true that a language one does not use become less accessible, though they return fast. I did not say that, at any given point in his life, he was fluent in all the languages mentioned.

    As to Latin and Greek: a considerable part of the education of upper-class British boys at that time consisted of these languages, from shortly after they were taught to read, through university in AC’s case. We have a detailed account of his German fluency over time. His French appears to have been good throughout his life; he spent a lot of time in France. Being able to speak Chinese, and read Chinese, are, as I understand it, two quite different things.

    He says in the Hag, as to learning Russian as his “fourth language” for the diplomatic exam, that he was just terrible at languages, in that he could absorb the grammar and structure of any language very fast, but took a long time with the vocabulary. As always when AC is being ostensibly modest, best read as boasting of his extraordinary language abilities. Most folks take quite a while over the grammar and structure bit; learning a broad vocabulary takes time, just as it does in one’s native language.

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    Anyway time to do my banishings. I welcome any answers to my query.

    Yes I provided evidence for his flawed understanding of Hebrew. Evidence provided from a solid source.

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