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    Didn’t you just say he was in Asana?

    I’m impressed. That’s almost up there with “I tort I tort a puddy cat”.

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    Jamie J Barter

    @dom :

    I’m impressed. That’s almost up there with “I tort I tort a puddy cat”

    How good of you to recall dom! (Incidentally though, it needs to be “taw” on your second tort there)

    Nitpernikkity yours,
    N Joy






    Jamie J Barter

    And while we’re at it your cat ought really be a “tat” there, too…

    Raising you a hee to arrive at a straight Hawhawhaw there,
    N Joy



    Everyone on the Right-Hand Path knows that Tom and Jerry can only get us as far as 7=4, and that that after that, we must look to The Roadrunner.

    Note that The Roadrunner runs across the abyss unharmed, but The Coyote plummets to his death- because he looks down.



    It is believed Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand have the highest numbers of mosquito species. Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil are recorded to have the highest number of endemic species. However, it is the whole of Africa, South America and Asia where most of the mosquito-borne diseases occur.

    ross river fever and dengue fever are two mozzie borne diseases that have grown in numbers recently here in Australia we do not have malaria as a bite complication though that I know of

    and most or all the mozzie borne diseases found in australia are only in our tropical or sub tropical “wet” areas.

    I drink indian tonic water with a splash of gin and a piece of lime 😀 so the quinine in my system keeps those parasitical & viral diseases down. I hope

    Now I know having a big lump on your body (after effects) is not the end of the world but I could do without it. Crowley tells the story that he slept outside and had perfected his asana to the extent that they left him alone.

    what is this big lump you have ?

    asana I try maybe I try too hard.. meh I will hash it out… sleep? I can sleep anywhere curl up if Im tired as long as I am warm

    100 tabs open in chrome or firefox is my international travel. Yesterday was Iraq and Babylon..and the new discoveries from “global warming” that have drained around the Tigris… I have hopes I’d love to travel overseas or just travel around in a tarovan with my dog and my bird

    ps I never knew tweety bird was a lawyer he seems to deal with a fair few torts



    Cult of Ku in Vietnam and further where it is customary to cannibalize the christians and offer the head in order to court the daughter.
    Any way Vietnam has mosquitoes and if you complain about the leaches to the hotel manager in Polynesia, they will tell you that; that is part of the ordeal of ta bodily awareness released in order to serve the bodhisattva ideal but if you want to cancel the tour;
    you are on your own and will still be charged.
    for real.
    But that might have been and indonesian or malaysian backpacking silat video
    really i swear i saw it.



    Ig: but The Coyote plummets to his death

    Actually, he always plummets to a splat … but he’s always seen again in the next scene or the next reel. The question before us is: Is the reappearance reincarnation, immortality, or just a series of clones or offspring?

    [unknown]: Crowley tells the story that he slept outside and had perfected his asana to the extent that they left him alone.

    If I’m not mis-taken, Asana had nothing to do with it. I believe he made dhyana upon/with the nasty buggers … and then they left him alone.



    The Witch mirror was beautiful

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