Devil’s Gate Reservoir: A Portal to Hell in Pasadena?

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    I’ve been watching the Strange Angel TV series each week so it reminded me of another Crowley connection in Pasadena. Lot’s of folklore about this place called the Devil’s Gate Reservoir.

    I was born a few blocks from the reservoir (at a local hospital) and Jack Parsons house was not far away either. I made this screencap from google maps years ago to show the locations and proximity.

    Devil's Gate

    As this website is all things Crowley I thought it deserved a new mention if it hasn’t been mentioned before.


    “Do you know the way to Devil’s Gate?”

    “I just assumed this kid asking for directions was messing with me. This was, after all, innocuous Pasadena, home of the first Trader Joe’s, the Rose Parade and that Jan and Dean song. But a few quick Google searches later, and there it was: Devil’s Gate, a craggy profile of Satan naturally chiseled into an outcropping on the Arroyo Seco.”

    “But fall down the rabbit hole of paranormal enthusiast websites and you’ll find a few common threads involving Aleister Crowley (infamous occultist), L. Ron Hubbard (infamous Scientologist) and Jack Parsons (infamous JPL co-founder), as well as mentions of Native American lore, “moonchild” rituals and the Seven Gates of Hell.”



    all I can say is as above so below..

    point of reference.. I am all about the co-incidences/ties/links/names/logos

    I happen to be researching gold mining and mercury at present…. well hey go figure 🙂

    also the ties between the mining esp coal and organic mercury but at same time reading the primordial fathers diaries.. which as i say is a real trip… like an lsd one…or three

    and I find in his incoherence and drug f&**^ed mind, he was actually showing me stuff.. other than calling me the whore of the apocalypse at his really bad times or non earthly anchored rants…. so I am cross checking with doc borg (google) on referenced dates of his “I am so out there off this planet” pages of madness and I pull up his diary reference on 3 april 1997 and find his entry on plane disappeared .. which piqued my curiosity.. so i find a plane did disappear on that date… a A10 and and was found without it’s weapons.. 4 bombs vanished as well as craig button pilot doing a time shift and appearing behind his last co ordinate and headed the opposite direction.. so then he goes crashes into a mountain and kills himself.. ON

    on GOLD DUST PEAK in holy cross field.. well dang…



    to sum that one up.. bruce cathie wrote a book harmonic 33 .. a few years later he wrote another one harmonic 695… I tend to gravitate towards harmonic 33 which i don’t think is available online as a pdf anymore…

    those power spots, harmonics, so on.. are centred around their own tribal creation stories and mining resources

    eg: australian native legends about the mountain system near me that is called mother’s milk..source of creation of man and animals… and the twelve tribes within that tribe including the swan people, (
    2 of my kids are swans – their name and birthright) also the trap people and the sea people and wait for it.. the sky people that came from the stars on a canoe… yes I am speaking to elders at present.. and they say creation came from sky people on their sky canoes.. (milky way) also moon is a boy sun is a girl.. *grins.. Knew it lol

    ps also they were not giants.. they were little people… my ancestors.. (I am still trying to morph myself into being 6 foot tall and indestructible) a tad in the “too hard basket” for a 152 cm person with turned in feets

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