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    For educational purposes feel free to post links you have of the black lodge in action as follows;

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    Please watch Pastor Brady. Chilling basically.

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    The Roman Catholic Church, except for the current Pope and his coterie; almost all Evangelical Protestant churches; Russia [Putin is the current Grandmaster of the Black Lodge; of course not all who work for him do so knowingly or get paid]; the US Republican Party; the US Drug Enforcement Agency; the UK Conservative and Brexit Parties; the Social Liberal Party in Brazil (Bolsonaro’s hyper-conservative, quasi-Fascist party); the National Front in France; the (c)OTO; Gunther’s “Make Your Own Mc-A.’. A.’.”.

    That will do for a start.

    I don’t know enough about politics in any other country to identify which right-wing party is the Black Lodge rep in any other country. Whichever one gets money and/or help from Putin, and does the Devil’s work.



    Ignant’s list is pretty good, and far-reaching. At this time, I only have one nomination for addition. It is truly so terrifying that I dare not speak it’s name on an open line like this, but you might figure it out by anal-yzing this secret code name: Elron.



    What Ignant said.

    How about The so=called Church of Satan? Although said to be a pro-Pagan and anti-Christian set-up it is based on Victorian White Supremacy (Ragnar Redbeard’s ‘Might is right’) and as R.A.Wilson said encourages humans to stay in their lower circuits. Think about it how many Nazis are attracted to Cos? Furthermore it is a proponent of reductive materialism.


    Jamie J Barter

    So it really is a case then of “Get thee behind me, Church of Satan”?

    Making the sign of the (rosy) cross,
    Norma N Joy Conquest



    d: How about The so=called Church of Satan? Furthermore it is a proponent of reductive materialism.

    You are on the right track here. The term “Black Lodge” is subject to various interpretations, but the underlying, ultimate definition is …

    The forces of light vs the forces of darkness.

    Note: “Darkness” involves materialism and you’re right about the “lower circuits.”

    Many orgs are just playing around at Sorcery and teenage-mentality rebellion. They violate society’s moral codes … because they can. Do not give them spray-cans of paint. The really black and dark folks get into slavery, murder, and massive corporate ownership.


    Serpent 252

    ignant666 already noted “Russia,” I just add the full name: the Eastern Orthodox Church (Greek, Russian, &c.) I know from the personal experience they all are the Black Lodge proper.


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    Good point Shiva the ‘black lodge’ are not necessarily seen in public wearing silly wizard costumes in front of a candle-lit altar.

    If you were to measure the gross net worth of every human on earth do you know how many people own 50% of the entire world’s wealth? Millions? Thousands? Hundreds? It’s actually less than 30 private individuals.

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    d: It’s actually less than 30 private individuals.

    Now you have come to the heart of darkness.



    Shiva: “I only have one nomination for addition. […] Elron.”

    Shiva, what is, in short, your main reason for this nomination??



    wr: Shiva, what is, in short, your main reason for this nomination??

    In short, read any survivor’s account of what goes on in Elron’s club.

    Extending a bit longer: If you (anyone) needs any kind of reason for such a nomination, I sit aghast (that’s like aghori) and can only ass-ume that they have led a sheltered life, one that prevented them from engaging mainstream media and revelatory “occult” books.



    Gidday .. I am new to this conversation ; ) and it interests me enough to have many questions.

    Crowley : you my dear are black … something something nubian
    Saturn : black – binah
    tiger : *paraphrase messiah creation of roman control
    Jesus : I am the way *cough the truth and the light
    Pan : I am nature
    Dom : examples of the black lodge
    someone : the black earth
    someone else: son of gods saw the daughters of the earth and made them their wives
    iggy666 above list
    serpent :orthodox

    please forgive my confusion but the above samples seemingly contradict each other as “black” I am left thinking that, that is sort of like saying bees are good wasps are bad
    Do they not both sting? what is defined as a black lodge?
    is the black lodge nice for nature or not nice for nature? …… or in other words are bees good and are wasps bad? is what is good for you good for me or bad for me?

    – you mentioned dea and republican party. what about democrats?
    does this mean not all gov and departments are foe?
    what about the one snowden and lulzsec hacked G C headquarters in England?

    when you say roman catholic church but not pope, evangelist churches ….. what about other churches mainstream and otherwise
    why not the pope?

    what about legal system and police and military?

    : when you say orthodox would that also mean greek and serbian orthodox?

    Shiva if darkness has a heart does that not negate the horrid?

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    worm coming through



    w: I am left thinking …

    No, no. You need to be right-thinking or you’ll fall pray [sic] to the horrors of The Black Lodge.

    what is defined as a black lodge?

    “An org that worships money and exerts control over simpletons and advanced folk alike through mind control, false spirituality, and enslavement (or at least employment) of acolytes and mass humanity.

    Let’s put it another way: The White Lodge seeks to advance/accelerate the evolutionary/initiatory process for the whole slew (slough?) of human peoples. The Black Lodge seeks to nourish itself at the expense of said human peoples. The Yellow Lodge ignores does not engage in this struggle (Black vs White), but will take action to create balance and harmony … you may think “Buddhism,” and be correct.

    Now Crowley (who was not Black, but yes, his Saturn did show through from time-to-time) sorted all this out in his The Three Schools of Magick chapter in Aleister Explains Everything, subsequently renamed Magick Without tears.

    The Black Lodge is composed of selfish individuals with big egos who specialize in the forces of matter. An extreme example would be that one person is hired to put a material, physical bullet through the brain of some dissident or competitor. White magicians who work as investigative reporters are at maximum risk here.

    The White Lodge is composed of unselfish fellows and dames who specialize in the transmission of light (energy, spirit) in order to bring humanity into a new level or dimension of consciousness.

    The Black Lodge and the White Lodge are opposed to each other in their goals and their methods. So they end up at war with each other.

    The Black Lodge consorts with demons, not for evocation to amuse one’s despondent spouse, nor for control over one’s psychological complexes, but to gain personal power and to amass money. Sexual favors, often by druggery or force, are accepted. In it’s most vile format, the sexual participant is sacrificed to the demon, and the blood is drunken by all the evil participants. That’s the worst definition of a Black Lodge.

    As dom points out, they specialize in the lower four neurocircuits (you may think of it as the three lower chakras).

    The White Lodge, selfless adepts that they are, know full well that the perfect sacrifice is “a young male child of perfect (or high) intelligence.” In case anybody missed the joke, the child is the magician him or her self, and the death is that of the perfect inelligence, which is the mind.

    Black vs White. Evil vs Good. Matter vs Spirit. I ask you (anyone): Where do you stand? Many here understand the phrase, “The A.’.A.’. is a mixture of White and Yellow,” which Crowley penned in said Without Tears book (above).

    The purpose of this thread, if I divine it correctly, is to point fingers and name names of orgs (or solitary Black Wizards) that appear to be connected or directly incumbent in the Black Lodge.

    Several levels have already emerged, which is proper to a strict classification of evil. The guys who wave a black flag and proclaim their devotion to Satan are just the clowns, the outer and most visible form of Black. At a deeper level, we find “Organized Religion,” which (according to Master Morya who does not exist), which is responsible for “fully two-thirds” of the evil and misery on this planet. Deeper still, I suggest a close look at the Military-Industrial Complex (and the Big Banks), as suggested by Pres Ike in his farewell address. Deepak of all, we find the metaphorical 30 pieces of dust (matter) finger-pointed out by dom.

    I could go on all night … but really? It’s bedtime here in Nuevo Mejica, so if things are still confusing, feel free to inquire further.

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