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    I would of liked to have these published in a book along with my Mayet System of 9 *cos family to feed and a car needed* but as Ned Kelly once said.

    Such is Life.

    Struggle Street and me are well acquainted.

    Layers of Thoth

    08-21 Adjustment of The Universe





    This one I call the death of Leo .. captain obvious said the two ladies were one and the same… only two with the hair like that .. closest other is universe

    The Star reaching down and gathering the loss, taking it it up and sending it along

    Death of Leo

    Still wondering what Typhon was up to

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    These alignments are interesting. Some others have presented similar ideas with the Thoth tarot images related to image placement and geometries. These transparencies are new to me though.
    It’s something to consider when building an expression of the tarot. Even without specific mindfulness of placement to achieve this effect consciously the designers of a tarot deck by following consistent rules that give unique and particular placements for the images within each card these types of alignment could appear and may provide greater insight in contemplation. Perhaps, it would also help stimulate subconscious awareness of occult considerations and bring them to the surface under certain circumstances through general use of the deck.

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    Hi Mal,

    joining the images in transparencies like I have posted here opens up new doors as well as allowing a look into ones already indicated…. I immediately understood a main reason why Crowley and Harris spent so long on the artwork of THOTH and why Crowley was so particular…

    hidden but there, allowing thoth to be unveiled at the right time…..

    like the one above Lust – Star
    Amazing to see what I always believed (knew inside)

    now if only people embraced the Mayet System …… Something else Crowley gave me ….

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