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    How many different times did Aleister Crowley visit the pyramids for rituals? I know he was there for a single visit over the course of the 3 days of writing The Book Of The Law. I know he performed Liber Samekh to make this happen, but were there any other rituals he performed during this time? I assume he would have done the standard LBRP, LBRH & MP – but any other specific ones he performed?

    Did he ever go back for other rituals on different trips?

    How was he able to gain access? Obviously it was a different time, and he was the all mighty Magus; but really, who was he friends or associated with that actually allowed him the access he desired to perform the ritual work?


    Michael Staley


    I know he performed Liber Samekh to make this happen

    How do you know that? I understood that he wrote Liber Samekh almost 20 years later at Cefalu.



    @psychedelicgod wrote:

    I know he was there for a single visit over the course of the 3 days of writing The Book Of The Law. I know he performed Liber Samekh to make this happen

    AC didn’t visit the pyramids ‘over the course of the 3 days’ in 1904, so far as we know…

    On his 1902 visit to Cairo he claimed to have ‘avoided’ the pyramids. He and Rose visited Cairo in November 1903 on their honeymoon and spent the night of the 22nd in the Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber where he performed – or at least read aloud – the Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia.

    He doesn’t appear to have visited the pyramids during his subsequent trips to Egypt in 1904 and 1905.

    As for how he ‘was able to gain access’? He would have paid an appropriate fee, as many did before him and since.



    Also he never performed the MP, didn’t Regardie design that decades later?



    @MichaelStaley – Sorry, I was under the impression the way he spoke to his HGA was through the Liber Samekh ritual, I wasn’t aware there was another way. It’s interesting he didn’t create it until 20 years later.

    So according to @lashtal he used the Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia to speak to Aiwass? Did he know, or at least anticipate his HGA was going to appear doing this ritual in the King’s Chamber?

    Why do you phrase it as “performed or at least read aloud”? Don’t you think if he went to all of that trouble to gain access to the Great Pyramid’s King Chamber that he would go full-blown ritual?

    The Book Of The Law seems to be a surprise to Crowley, so do we know what his original intentions of this King’s Chambers ritual was?

    I’m surprised with his ability & interest to travel he didn’t visit Egypt, Syria, Israel, Iran & Iraq more considering how much of the original Magick he mastered developed from these areas and them being the cradle of civilization.

    Can anyone point me to his writings of his few visits to Egypt?

    Isn’t the Middle Pillar Ritual Golden Dawn? So maybe Regardie just polished it up?



    Yes, it is surprising Crowley, who died in 1947, did not spend more time in Israel, isn’t it?

    You may need to lay of the libations, and catch up on your homework.



    Lol I will admit I was rushing through to finish that post and you got me on that, but you know I was referencing the area and not necessarily the current country. Israel is new, but the knowledge and archeological sites are ancient.



    There were two World Wars preventing visits from 1914-18, and then 1939-45, and no money and poor health after WW II.

    I am not really clear on when exactly he finished pissing through his inherited money, but my guess as to why he never returned to Egypt is lack of money, and being caught up in various events, and with various women (and sources of funds) in Europe and America. Perhaps those better informed will supplement this speculation.

    He never seems to have had any interest in visiting Middle East other than Egypt.

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