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    Jamie J Barter

    I have not fully read our hefty reply,
    Assuming this is a typo for “your” (otherwise it simply doesn’t make sense) I don’t know what you’re referring to – what hefty reply is this? There wouldn’t seem to be anyting fitting that description on this thread

    but will be happy to read and respond if YOU (not me, I’m f***ing incompetent) transfer this last post of yours
    This “last post” referred to my explanation of your claim v. non-claim re 1968 and about which I think I said there all that needed to be said and which you also “acknowledged” – surely that would mark “End Of” in that respect?

    to a Solar Lodge thread, Occult 60s thread, or a New thread.
    If relevant – e.g., in terms of your explanation of “trans-temporal conception” – please specify exactly which previous thread you’d have in mind since historically you would be more familiar with all their content than I.

    I tried and failed. It’s up to you to keep the lineage moving.
    But why is it up to me, since I have no vested interest in pushing forward one lineage rather than another in terms of keeping it moving. (Parenthetically and for what it’s worth, out of a motley bunch of shaky-qualified post Germer contenders I would consider Motta to have marginally had the best overall ‘claim’ to successorship.) And while I’ve no objection in principle to carrying on a dialogue on the matter elsewhere, I’m not sure what else remains to be said in this respect of ‘moving lineage’.

    Amicably yours,
    N Joy

    PS, I wouldn’t be opposed to a separate log-in either. And returning back to topic again as regards to contacting the apparently elusive BB: since according to Wikipedia he “is currently a member of the band Current 93” (sic) maybe Elsie could try getting a hold of him through their current record company or management…



    93 Elsie. You could pm Richard Kaczynski (I believe this is his username as well), tell him why you’d like to contact Breeze & perhaps he could help. No guarantee that he’ll respond of course but it’s worth a shot!



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    Shiva: who asked? twas not me. I’m not sure of Mr feazey’s proprietay protocols, but i know he won’t delet forum threads so i guess that kind points to who now owns the content? whatever. please, if LAShTAL doe not disagree, continue weaving this tapestry, wither the weft and the weave may wend

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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