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    “Musclow” is mentioned 3 times in the April 1st. 1918 entry of Liber 729:

    “Is Musclow the rich man from the west mentioned in Liber Legis ?” …

    “Can you get a more definit answer to first question (re Musclow)
    A / Has Musclow found any mineral gold?
    Calla Lily handed to Wizard by child.
    T. Get Tarot card or number.
    83 .”

    Neither the Kazcynski or Churton bios mention him, nor does the name occur in the Confessions.

    Any ideas and/or info will be gratefully received and acknowledged.



    “Inspired by Crowley’s article on the ouija board, Jones began a series of experiments to settle his mind about the future. He was joined at the planchette by Kath and Ruby and they made numerous experiments in the months of October and November. Jones was looking for evidential phenomena, and after working on refining the magical preparations, he found that their results seemed more coherent. Jones even tried to get in touch with the spirit of Brother Dawson, who came back to the sitters with all of his old humor. At one of their sessions the spirit who identified himself alternately as “Raphael” and “333” predicted that Ruby would die at Easter and that Kath’s unborn child would be a boy, a prediction that proved half-true.

    With the approach of the Winter Solstice of 1917, Jone’s thought again grew large as Kath entered the final month of her pregnancy. Jones had encountered a Mr. Taylor, follower of Herbert Musclow, leader of an “Aquarian Movement” in B.C., and he contemplated how he might take its members into the O.T.O. Details of this movement are few–Musclow evidently promised to shower gold on his followers, in exchange for some of their own–but his proposed take-over was merely a small part of the grand plan he foresaw. Jones envisioned his unbounded consciousness to be expanding over the whole of Candada. He entrusted Smith with the knowledge that he had understood the meaning of the grade of Master of the Temple on the material plane. His initiation of Summer Solstice of 1916 represented half of the alchemical motto Solve. The initiation of the Winter Solstice of 1917 would be Coagula. He had given up the Virgin (Kath) to Smith as part of the completion of the formula. An esoteric meaning of the name of the Order of the A∴A∴ was revealed to Jones, in contrast to the one given him by Crowley which he thought implied duality. And, most importantly to Jones, he had received a secret word of which Crowley knew nothing. What these portentious secrets may have been, Smith does not say.”

    Martin P. Starr The Unknown God: W.T.Smith and the Thelemites, p 80 (In the Red Room of Rose Croix)

    Typing Crowley Musclow in Google and clicking on the first link brings up the page. Another reference to the name in the book is in the December 14th, 1917 entry of Smith’s diary (page 347)

    “December 14 [1917] J[ones] is seriously considering how the “Aquarian” movement can be made to come under the O.T.O. and so form a new Lodge. If it can be done we get in the neighborhood of 200 members. He has decided to write Taylor; who at the present got charge of it, while Muscalo [Herbert Musclow] is doing 5 years, Taylor said he was too busy trying to get his chief out of jail to give J an interview.”

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    wow thankyou!

    here is th footboate as it will appear:

    “Presumably Herbert Musclow, “leader of an “Aquarian Movement” in B.C…. [who] evidently promised to shower gold on his followers”. C. S. Jones had encountered “Muscalo” through one of his disciples in late 1917(Starr 2003 pages 80, 347). Thanks to John Griffith for this citation. –EGP.”

    love is the law,




    The Daily Colonist October 30 1917 p. 4

    Musclow’s Dupes

    VANCOUVER. Oct. 19 [?].— Affirming their faith in Harry Musclow, who was recently sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for fraud, belief in his innocence and hope that he would soon be released, over 200 men and women met at Cotillion Hall last night under the chairmanship of Mr. J. 8. Taylor, and launched the Aquarian Movement, for the study of principles taught by Harry Musclow. Adherents to the cause will meet every Sunday [?] for the study of astrology. Intimation was made the platform that an appeal against the sentence will be made, and every reference to Musclow was greeted with applause. The chairman produced 111 letters pledging the writers to support of the movement and expressing their confidence in Musclow, and eight agreements were returned by the owners, who decided that Musclow’s word was enough. Eight claim holders had demanded their money back. Mr. Taylor was the principal speaker, and accused the press of unfair treatment of the case. He also asserted that while Justice Murphy was the fulcrum of justice, “he undoubtedly had one foot on the scales”. With the aid of a large chart of the zodiac, the chairman outlined the principles of astrology and offered some startling suggestions as to the bearing of astrological conditions on modern affairs”


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