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    Now i see why Paul has a rule against double and triple posting.

    Jesus Christ!



    …is our Lord & Saviour.

    I love how The Scarlet Woman says “woosh’d” in her video. I was woosh’d into space. I was woosh’d to Lashtal.com.



    It is sad that the world is so indifferent to this earthly Goddess that it appears that no one (aka NEMO) has ever Amazon-reviewed any of her several self-published books, quite possibly because no one has ever bought one.

    Are other lashtal participants aware of any other books written, and self-published, by deities, that are available on Amazon, or other book-selling sites? Probably there are a great many.

    Answers of “All of the books” will be down-marked for smart-assedness, despite the technical correctness of this position.




    Goddess, ignore the mundane petty comments from my fellow posters here, they obviously do not appreciate the glory that thou art! They lack the foresight and the intellect and the experience to muster up any true perceptibility.

    Now, seeing as ye are a true Goddess and have oracular powers i have two questions for you, yea questions of great profundity.

    If you are alone in your apartment on a Friday night which of the following would you chose and why?

    Will and Grace, Two Broke Girls, Two and a half men or reruns of Wait ’till your father gets home?

    Secondly, i see from thine Facebook page that ye appear to be friends with the mortal known as Brian Warner (aka Marylin Manson). Now it is fitting that ye should be friendly with a man of such immense talent (although what those talents are I’m not to too sure. Skilful application of lipstick perhaps? Noone knows, ’tis a mystery of our modern times how someone devoid of any talent should clog up so much media space…..on second thoughts the target audience was 13 and 14 year olds reared in a culture of crassness and banality so perhaps not). Anyway what does the great Mr Warner think about your Goddess status?

    I’m going to level with everyone here. It’s ironic isn’t it? I mean one just can’t help but feel “pity and tenderness” for this delusional creature….then again if the amazon book sales go up and MManson’s fans (read: imbeciles) think she must be cool by association then yeah she gets what she set out to get which is err…o yeah, attention.

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    Dom, you are back-sliding. First you invoked “Jesus Christ.” Then you fell into “Bible-speak.” Ye, thou, sayest … etc.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s an “affectation” that is not worthy of a Magister.

    On Friday night, I prefer to re-watch Yojimbo.



    If you lot can stop salivating for a moment and give Trinity Sarah Craig the benefit of the doubt, she just might channel something interesting from somewhere/someone/something even more interesting. Watch her video again – its very impressive, she has clearly been consecrated

    Happy New Year to y’all




    Well i guess the video is over my head .

    The books seem like they might yield a little something after a lot of sifting .

    I liked the spider imagery .

    Thanks for introducing me to Troma Nagmo though her forms are less accessible than Vajrayogini’s .

    “she has clearly been consecrated”
    How and where in the video does it become clear ?



    Does she offer retreat seminar sabbaticals on how to cut the body, feed the vultures, the maggots and re turn the elements ?



    “how do I figure out which one is lying…”

    you can feel the truth with your heart. that is why it is so important to work at keeping your heart open and remaining judgement free in the new aeon. its called love free of conditions. it is based upon acceptance of reality as it is. creating sacred space that is judgement free, in order to be free of judgement and therefore focused upon the spiritual evolution not only of yourself, but those around you. after all, love is the law. in the end, it is our hearts that are weighed against the feather of ma’at.

    my non-denominational, nonfiction spiritual how-to, The Trinity Theory goes into love free of conditions quite a bit. you might want to check it out…

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