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    Jeffrey D. Evans

    “I have found that ‘every’ time the word/letters ‘EVER’ appear in The Book of the Law it tends to point to a meaningful key or cypher of some kind, in the sense of I:20 (also consider ‘all is ever as it was’, ‘nor shalt thou know ever’, etc….)

    Without wishing to seem mysterious, I am unable to say anymore regarding this at the present time.”

    Some Hebrew gematria will tell us a bit more: ever, AI PhOM = 201 = AR (Ch.), “Light”. And every, KL= 50: one of the “words” of Nuit!


    Jeffrey D. Evans

    I have found that “every” time the word/letters ‘EVER’ appear in The Book of the Law it tends to point to a meaningful key or cypher of some kind, in the sense of I:20 (also consider ‘all is ever as it was’, ‘nor shalt thou know ever’, etc….)

    Without wishing to seem mysterious, I am unable to say any more regarding this at the present time.”

    Some Hebrew gematriamay tell us some more: ever = AI PhOM = 201 = AR, “light” (Ch.). And, every = KL = 85 = PH, the name of the letter Pe (which stands for Mars, the planetary correspondence for HORUS.


    Jamie J Barter

    Just fancy! Some Hebrew gematria also tells us that, amongst other things, the reversal of REVE (ncf. YHVH) is where the solar Resh-Heh-Vau-Heh comes to 216 (or 6 x 6 x 6)…

    Incidentally I’ve found the “secret word” from I:20 to be revealed as ‘REVE-AL’ (= manifestation being ‘the dream of God’) as in “The Stele of REVEALing” (= “Get the stele of revealing itself” [3:10]), etc., etc.

    I will start a new thread on all of this at some point with full correspondences and so forth.

    … “But not now”[3:13],
    N Joy



    @jamiejbarter said:

    “Incidentally I’ve found the “secret word” from I:20 to be revealed as ‘REVE-AL’ (= manifestation being ‘the dream of God’) as in “The Stele of REVEALing” (= “Get the stele of revealing itself” [3:10]), etc., etc.”

    Thank you REVEALing this Jamie!

    Very interesting.

    Liber AL 1-20: The key of the rituals is in the secret word which I have given unto him.

    @jamiejbarter said:

    “I will start a new thread on all of this at some point with full correspondences and so forth.”





    that blasted word … well not really blasted… but it is going over and over in the mind

    Reveal The Lie * Speak The Truth

    and the pic above is why



    “thy Changes are not Phases of thee, but of the Phantoms which thou mistakest for thy Self.

    the Body of Man is but his Shadow, it cometh and goeth even as the tides of Ocean; and he only is in Darkness who is hidden by that Shadow from the Light of his true Self. Now therefore understand thou the Formula of Horus, the Lion God, the Child crowned and conquering that cometh forth in Force and Fire! “

    nice where was that got from ?

    “ a crowned lion with the body of a snake.

    Fierceness and subtlety alternate in his mode of action; he is weighty in his onset and yet dangerously sudden; he is the giver of life and death. In fact, it is through Uranus that we are led to recognize the extremely close correspondence between Leo and Scorpio. One is the Lion, the other the Eagle, of the alchemistic philosophy; both possess the secret nature of the snake; and in their evil and averse aspect one is Cerberus and the other the Black Dragon of Putrefaction. Those versed in alchemy will behold and wonder at the beauty and lucidity of this symbolism.”
    Liber 536 pg 335

    Of the, Lion, …, be it said that this is the Courage …, leaping upon all Things, and seizing them for their Prey. … letter is Teth, whose Implication is a Serpent, and the Number thereof Nine, whereof is Aub, the secret Fire of Obeah. Also Nine is of Jesod, uniting Change with Stability . ”
    Liber Aleph pg 154

    “ Shelley is our one great exemplification; and his case is fortunately very perfect. We see the revolutionary influence at work in Greatheart; the rebel against the fetters that bind humanity, overflowing with solar force and love, blazes on high, melting the cold passions of age and experience with his naming jets of white-hot vapour of gold. Such works as Prometheus Unbound and The World’s Tragedy are pure Uranus in Leo. Shelley was saved from early death through illness by the conjunction of the Sun and Venus; six degrees from Uranus Sagittarius is rising and its lord Jupiter is in conjunction with Mars and Neptune. Unfortunately, Uranus being in the eighth house, a violent death was indicated. However, he had done his work; he had sown a new seed in the field of humanity, one of the most fruitful ever planted. ”
    Liber 536 pg 335

    “ Threefold is the Nature of Life, Eagle, Serpent, and Scorpion. And of these the Scorpion is he that, having no Lion of Light and of Courage within him, seemeth to himself encircled by Fire, and, driving his Sting into himself, he dieth. Such are the Black Brothers, that cry: I am I, they that deny Love, restricting it to their own Nature. But the Serpent is the secret Nature of Man, that is Life and Death, and maketh his Way through the Generations in Silence. And the Eagle is that Might of Love which is the Key of Magick, uplifting the Body and its Appurtenance unto high Ecstacy upon his Wings. It is by Virtue thereof that the Sphinx beholdeth he Sun unwinking, and confronteth the Pyramid without Shame. Our Dragon, therefore, combining the Natures of the Eagle and he Serpent, is our Love, the Organ of our Will, by whose Virtue we perform the Work and Miracle of the One Substance, as saith thine Ancestor Hermes Trismegistus, in his Tablet of Smaragda. And this Dragon, is called thy Silence, because in he Hour of his Operation that within thee which saith “I” is abolished in its Conjunction with the Beloved. For this Cause also is its Letter Nun, which in our Rota is the Trump Death; and Nun hath the value of Fifty, the Number of the Gates of Understanding . “
    Liber Aleph pg 157 De Dracone, Quae est Aquila Sepens Scorpio

    “ Yet is the Atu of Thoth that correspondeth thereunto marked with ZERO, and its Name is MAT, whereof I have spoken formerly, and its Image is the Fool. O my Son, gather thou all these Limbs together into One Body, and breathe upon it with thy Spirit, hat it may live; then do thou embrace it with Lust of thy Manhood, and go in unto it, and know it; so shall ye be One Flesh. Now at last in the Reinforcement and Ecstasy of this Consummation thou shalt with by what Inspiration thou didst choose thy Name in the Gnosis, I mean PARZIVAL, “der reine Thor”, the True Knight that won Kingship in Monsalvat, and made whole the Wound of Amfortas, and ordered Kundry to right Service, and regained the Lance, and revived the Miracle of he Sangral; yea also upon himself did he accomplish his Work in the End: “
    Liber Aleph pg 207 De Sapientia et Stultitia

    “ He should try to rise above any sorrow he may have, for if he nurses it, it will have a vary disorganizing effect on his health. His heart is both his strong spot and his weak spot, for his vitality is so enormous that he sometimes exaggerates it., and puts too great a strain upon his powers. His heart is particularly liable to dilation and hypertrophy.

    He is the royal and tragic figure
    He thus represents humanity in its royal and sacramental sense.

    The Leo native has not perhaps the analytical understanding of the universe which we will find associated with Aquarius- his understanding is subconscious-but in one respect he excels even the native of Aquarius, for for not only does he regard life as one, from century to century, but he perceives it as a sacred ceremony of a wholly divine character.

    Of course in the ordinary type this amounts to little more than the exercise of the three cardinal virtues Faith, Hope and Love, but in the greatest types there is a perception of the entire universe as an eternal feast, an endless pageant of joy in which suffering is but an incident necessary to emphasize the reality of happiness. Adversity is needed to bring out true sweetness of character, and it is only in the climate which has a touch of frost that the fullest flavour is found in fruit.

    They do not fight the uphill battle so well.

    The appeal of Leo is always to the ideal. He is singularly slow to comprehend baseness, and imagines that if he founds his arguments upon great principles-justice and humanity and righteousness-he must necessarily succeed. He does not at all realize that most people decide questions by considerations of material advantage. For another thing, he expects the question to be considered from all angles, with reference to the past and future, and to general propriety, whereas people in reality calculate the petty expedients of the moment. Leo also errs through his generosity and faith in others.

    He understands so well the heroic and tragic destiny of humanity with its inherent quota of misfortune “
    Liber 536 pg 388,89

    “ these our Symbols are cognate, and flow forth the one into the other, because each Soul partaketh in proper Measure of the Mystery of Holiness, and is kin with his Fellow. But now let me show how this Lion of Courage is more especially the Light in thee, as Leo is the House of the Sun that is the Father of Light. And it is thus: that thy Light, conscious of itself, is the Source and Instigator of thy Will, enforcing it to spring forth and conquer. Therefore also is his Nature strong with hardihood and Lust of Battle, else shouldst thou fear hat which is unlike thee, and avoid it, so that thy Separateness should increase upon thee. For this Cause he that is defective in Courage becometh a Black Brother, and to Dare is the Crown of all thy Virtue, the Root of the Tree of true Magick. “
    Liber Aleph pg 154 De Leone

    “ Sekhet our Lady is figured as a lioness, for that She is that Lust of Nuith toward Hadith which is the Fierceness of the Night of the Stars, and their Necessity; whence also is She true Symbol of thine own Hunger of Attainment, the Passion of thy Light to dare all for its Fulfilling. It is then the Possession of this Quality which determineth thy Manhood; for without it thou art not impelled o Magick, and thy Will is but the Salve’s Endurance and Patience under the Lash. For this Cause, the Bull being of Osiris, was it necessary for the Masters of the Aeons to incarnate me as more especially a lion, and my Word is first of all a Word of Enlightenment and of Emancipation of the Will, giving to every Man a Sprint within Himself to determine His Will, that he may do that Will, and no more another’s. Arise therefore, o my son, arm thyself, haste to the Battle! “
    Liber Aleph pg 155 Altera De Leone

    “ how many are they whom I have seen persisting in a fatal Course, in Sway of the Belief that their dead Rigidity was Exercise of Will. And the Letter of the Man is Tzaddi, whose Number is Ninety; which is Maim, the Water that conformeth itself perfectly with its Vessel, that seeketh constantly its Level, that penetrateth and dissolveth Earth, that resisteth Pressure maugre its Adaptability, that being heated is the Force to drive great Engines, and being frozen breaketh the Mountains in Pieces. O my Son, seek well to know! “
    Liber Aleph pg 156 De Viro

    Wisdom can unfold and blossom as needed in whatever form or matter
    Some waste hard earned money on books and the wisdom availeth them not
    sometimes if ones is ready ; enough energy can be summoned to magnetize what is needed

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