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    sarva mangala mangalye
    sarvarrtha saadhike
    tryambake Gauri Narayani Namostute



    The Guidelines used to require posts be in English. I suppose that’s still true. Tests are conducted in the Sandbox, not out here where everyone will wonder what screw fell out of your mechanism.



    This is, in fact, the Sandbox.

    I “tryambake” every morning, usually with considerable success.

    My question is, “is this working?” how? We can see it- was it supposed to “work” some other way?






    Ig: This is, in fact, the Sandbox.

    I have thoroughly researched and investigated your outlandish proposal, and I find that you were/are absolutely correct. We’re still in Kansas, Toto!

    I have decided to spend the rest of the morning either contemplating various forms of suicide, or working on my car.



    It was in fact my understanding that I was posting in the sandbox, and would not be troubling the usual flow of the forums by doing so…

    Seems like I am unable to update my profile, which is hard to sandbox test.

    Tiger – that is a fine image of Durga!

    In other news, I suspect I will need to delete my account and create a new one in order to get anything updated? Also, isn’t it a bit odd that things like “Trending” at the top of the site list items from 2015 or 2016??

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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