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    Jamie J Barter

    I would like to propose a possible thread on this board for Miss Falconer; although I have come by very little biographical details on her myself possibly somebody else may be able to add to the amount of the common weal & riches of the resources of Lashtal here, as I for one would certainly be interested in finding out some more about this rather enigmatic damsel.

    Do you think it would be in order to say that Katherine might have been, in any real sense, A.C.’s final Scarlet Woman — or magickal concubine, or at least (skating down the list of all the available options) very good & “well acquainted” lady friend? There does not seem to be terribly much information on her or the history of their relations with one another, with the notable exception of the somehow indelibly imprinted snippet from A.C. to Grady McMurtry that she was a wartime ‘wren’ apparently possessed with some sort of a wondrous prehensile fanny (=she clearly seems to have made an impression upon him.)

    Yours with appreciation for any useful input,
    Norma N Joy Conquest


    Jamie J Barter

    From a letter written by A.C. to Grady McMurtry whilst staying at the Bell Inn, dated 28th Sept 1944:

    You should certainly look up Louise if in Sprontston. Also note well:

    Wren C. Falconer 52275
    Naval Party 16’45 A
    Naval Bases Normandy
    c/o G.P.O. Reading Berks.

    This is the Girl of Girls. You saw her independently smiling face on my wall at 93 [Jermyn Street, Crowley’s previous residence]. Now look for her; the other end is prehensile; God’s greatest gift to any woman.

    It seems that Katherine might also have been spelt Catherine. But is there a copy of this photo of La Falconer with her smiling face reproduced anywhere? There might also be a wartime service photo of her in an archive with her naval military records somewhere.

    I don’t recall A.C. mentioning any orgia or opus conducted with her in his magickal diaries from the war, but I last consulted them some while ago and can’t be certain. Again, maybe someone else might know better: his remarks do suggest a certain ahem intimate knowledge, after all. And if so, she would come after Deidre McAlpine in his chronology & would therefore possibly have been his last ‘Scarlet Woman’ in a long line before his potency eventually gave out?

    N Joy

    PS Incidentally, I also noticed there seems to be a (older) photograph of her alongside Frieda Harris and A.C. in his enclosure from the Chipping Campden Newsletter about her [Frieda] which Paul posted the other day (but lack the know-how to duplicate a copy of it here.)


    Jamie J Barter

    Apologies for this late “edit”, but to my dismay I find I must make an errata correction. I had foolishly placed my trust in a pre-done transcription, believing that the [C.]O.T.O. had suffficiently high standards themselves to make a proper job of it instead of it containing pretty basic proofreading errors, and all because I lazily shirked the task of going back to check the holograph source myself. When oh when will I ever learn they are quite capable of making a poor fist of things? What it should have read was:

    This is the Girl of Girls. You saw her impudently smiling face on my walls at 93 [Jermyn Street, Crowley’s previous residence].

    As well as the saucily “impudent” grin, note the plural as in wallS, implying there might well have been more than one “pin-up” in his rooms — possibly several — on display at the same time & all that that may entail.

    Centrefoldedly yours,
    N Joy

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