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    Let me start this exciting thread in “Stuff,” as Lam is a valid Crowley icon, but ufos and directed energy weapons are not (as far as I know).

    Crowley published th Lam drawing in the Blue Equinoc (1919?). He was decades ahead of modern visions or descriptions of “contacts.” Have you ever compared Lam to Alien Autopsy? Here’s your chance …

    A A

    I fail to see why the IMG links won’t post pictures. Two of them. Screw it – here’s the direct link … which may appear as picture or simply a link. As long as one of these become available, I stop fiddling with the Edit button, which may wipe everything out.



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    The links now work. Click, compare, complain.




    While I totally think that “we are not alone” I have reservations about visiting Aliens that are more or less us, but with bloated heads and bellys, or a Conehead if you will. I mean, if they were like us, would we – having the spaceships ready – just float about mysteriously on other planets and examine/abduct some remote village persons? It makes very little sense. Especially doing it for decades without ever doing more. If it would be like this, they would lose the title of “advanced civilization” immediately in my regards.

    But I agree that AC started a big “Alien look” trend.




    oh good lord Shiva;
    what are you up to now ?

    The best place to hide the truth is in plain sight.
    Politicians break the news to the tabloids before it hits the courts.
    The Black Psy OPs disguise themselves as aliens.
    The Aliens shape shift into whatever mold needed at the moment and can even use a human that has no idea they are being used.

    Say isnโ€™t Lam one of those beings that emerged from another dimension, through a portal created by the magick experimentation, in an apartment he rented at Central Park West; and peered into the opening of the way ?
    Which led him to capture its image and display it for others ?

    Is this a time when the denial shield is more readily exposed ?



    T: Say isnโ€™t Lam one of those beings that emerged from another dimension, through a portal created by the magick experimentation …?

    I know the picture of Lam well, as does anyone who has red The Blue Equinox. But I remember nothing about how Crowley contacted or drew him, except that it was in the USA. Thanks for filling in some of the details.



    Ignore the spaces this was typed in Notepad. My old friend.

    This will sound extremely insane to most people.

    I have had many contacts with ‘Others’ ie. non humans. But it

    is not always a constant thing. In fact I am trying to bring

    it back to learn some more things.

    They have their own agenda and their own ‘society’ that we

    haven’t figured out yet.

    I will just give you two tastes.

    Both are from around 2008ish to 2010ish.

    1. I was on a camping trip in the Great Sand Dunes of southern

    Colorado. I had already read some of Chris O’brien’s books

    which are very well written and true.

    I wasn’t expecting anything anyway.

    I was with a couple, ie a real couple, a man and a woman who I

    had met in my graduate school studies.

    He was/is an extremely materialistic scientist.

    He called to me (who was pissing in the bushes or something.)

    He called, ‘Chris come here! This is weird!’ So I ran to our

    He pointed, there in the sky was what he said were like ‘stars

    fighting’ They were moving exteremely fast and at right

    angles. It didn’t end for at least 5 minutes.

    It was a weird battle in the sky.

    What happened next to me, was a good study about human frailty

    and fallacy. His brain totally shut down.

    In real time:
    He went from his above expression to: well that was weird.

    That wasn’t anything too strange though I bet it was comets.

    then: I didn’t see anything. It was just a shooting star.

    I could see his ‘computer’ shutting down in real time .

    So that was that.

    I had another personal encounter myself all alone in the same

    desert in that week. But it wasn’t near so exciting.

    2. I was in my parents old house. My dad had divorced my mom

    some 2 years or so ago. We were living together in our old

    large family house with too many rooms and my sister and her

    husband were living in the furnished basement to help out for

    a year or two as well.

    I was getting into Kenneth Grant and really into meditation

    and ritual for the first time in my life minus college (mostly

    bahkti hindu worship and also ‘tai chi’ from a korean

    perspective) .

    I had spent a good week or so meditating in lotus position and

    also sometimes staring at LAM painting (gary dickinson) for

    ‘Contact’ just because. Now I have a reason, learning. But

    back then just HEY whats going to happen?

    One night I had a very strange dream.

    One of those dreams you never forget.

    I was totally weighed down.

    Totally like a piece of lead or iron stuck in the mud.

    I awoke in the dream and I saw I was in the basement of an old

    house. In dirt. Like Blair Witch but that was my old self

    thinking about a film perhaps 10 years prior.
    I was extremely intensely frightened so much that I couldn’t

    even turn around to see. But eventually I did and I saw a grey

    alien there staring at me. The feeling of extreme heaviness

    and fear woke me up. It was that harsh.

    This is where it gets real. I don’t mean dreaming but truly

    I think they visit you in dreams because they are not totally


    I was so afraid I woke up.
    I was afraid to turn around to my left side from the wall

    because that’s where the presence was in the dream and also in

    my life.

    I finally moved.

    I was totally awake at this point.

    I rolled over, and saw nothing but still felt that fear for a

    second Then it went away. I got the sense in the dark (perhaps

    2300 or midnight) that we all get when we are alone in the

    dark and feel an actual real presence.

    I stood up from the floor (back then korean style bed) and

    walked towards my bedroom door.

    I opened it and was just taken aback like shocked and not


    At this point I am totally awake and aware, I can see

    everything normally.

    There is a ‘thing’ in front of me maybe 3 feet that looks like

    a bunch of moving pixels. Like a weird kind of camouflage. I

    get the sense and ‘knowing’ that this was the being that was

    in my dream. I wasn’t supposed to see it.

    It saw me, (big bug eyes but also ‘pseudo camoflaged’) and let

    out this weird as fuk noise like, all I can explain, a

    ‘robotic cat’ like ‘meeeeoooou’ and it literally jumped up

    straight through our ceiling ( I was on the second floor)’ and


    One thing that makes me know this is real is that I went from

    total heavy lead despairing fear (at the first initial contact

    in the ‘dream’) , to when I saw it, total blank acceptance.

    At that point it almost felt normal but I was just frozen with

    the alien’ness of it all.

    So those are my two major experiences.

    Lately I have been doing some new meditations but I have been

    getting different results which we can talk about later.



    The dream that realized it was dreaming
    believing it unreal.
    Proven to be
    a must of been;
    just a shooting star;
    strange stuff.
    No need to disclose
    and yet
    the mysterious remains



    I once venture or more than that ventured and treaded the path of Lam.
    From vague recollection.
    It seemed as if the portrait was rendered by a skilled hand.



    At the time the Lorber Society was purposing that our consciousness incarnated into different body forms on the planets of our Universe. Eg The Jupiter incarnation was one of all consciousness floating in a thinly contained membrane ( gas like). Have a past life experience of that life when I eat onions!

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    Christilibrany take your word wrap off in notepad – format/word wrap it stops pasted items from doing what you did
    note pad is my best friend.. I learned to build websites in it using straight code. In the olden days there was no wordpress. I also use it to paste things from word and other programs to get rid of the extra codes … it’s a very versatile programs except it doesnt feckkin autosave

    @tiger From vague recollection.
    It seemed as if the portrait was rendered by a skilled hand.

    nods .. help please with dates @michael Staley @jamie barter did LAM predate or post date lady Frieda painting the cards?
    ooh wait it just came to me.. I think .. thanks Michael ๐Ÿ˜€ .. correct me if my flash was wrong.. Iam was 1931 cards were around 1938? if I recall she took four years to paint them, Aleister was a perfectionist and made her paint each card over and over until she got it right to how he wanted..
    is it LAM with an eL or IAM with an eye… ?

    LAM is in the thoth deck …. which I reveal here now for the first time.. this Amazing combination Mayet’s Layers of Thoth The Combinations – 02-20 .. I lined her eyes up in both ..I’d love to publish my work with the layers in a book but i guess thats just ego and money things.. so much stuff is concealed that opens with my “ingenious” layering technique.. ๐Ÿ˜€ *insert May’s happy dance here.. i figured that there was reasons why I taught myself the particular skills I learned throughout my life as a mum which I used in that other world before the moondays and it wasn’t just to photoshop my head on the times square naked cowboy … . though that was pretty funny…

    Lam is very prominent with a bit of what would you call it study, mediation, focusing..

    Heaps of experiences
    also Christilibrany that heaviness sounds like what they label sleep paralysis .. it’s scary stuff… and your not asleep when you can hear the blasted rooster crow

    – in the week before my sister was killed OBE and Little lemony yellow orb – made me realize that there IS something else so wasn’t afraid of death from that night. Helped me grieve somewhat.
    – Same vortex suction sinking predating most level 1 stress events from then
    -1992 or 1993 after volcanic eruption indonesia in the four corners of the sky blinking lights were traveling through section in a line, one would start and get to a certain point and another would start..
    – Bright light over city hovered overhead the mountain we were meditating on after hovering a few minutes it suddenly split in three yellow shot off one way, red another and blue another .. the three sat on the horizon a while
    – standing on balcony next to keith when a light came from the sky, went around me and slammed into his chest.. when it came close I could see it was a square with a cartoon kangaroo on it? like huh? a cartoon kangaroo? Keith dropped to the ground, winded the instant I saw it hit him .. when he recovered he said to me.. did you see the kangaroo..
    – day napping, had a dream that was real I was inside someone else as they were being killed, I saw the guy that did it… I saw her talking to two guys in cars one red and one blue.. they left and the crazy guy followed her, ran up behind her and grabbed her .. I didnt feel her pain but I did feel her tormented scream … scared crap out of me.. shook me really bad..
    newspaper a week or so later spoke of the murder and said they were looking for a red and blue car.. my birth mother was friends with the head cop so she rang him and told him of my vision and that I said the blue and red cars left and when I described the guy that grabbed her he goes “ahh one of the river rats.. and I think i know which one you mean too.. river rats were guys living down at river from mental home..
    – called outside by keith while i was at my computer in 95 or 96 as I walked out, everything turned off and shut down.I got out the front and he pointed up at two golden arrows one beside and just behind the “wing” of the other .. we watched them for a bit going south east from north west canberra direction..(this was before stealth planes that I now see are shaped similar) I wished that my bestie mel who was over a few hills away could see it and said that to keith.. when it disappeared over the horizon the lights instantly all turned back on in the house.. next morning Mel rang me and said wtf did you do to me last night .. I was like huh.. and she said she heard my voice calling her name and she was in bed but looked up and saw these two arrows in the sky.. she often mentions that to me as one of those WTF moments in life..when we reminisce about our candelo days on the farms my farm was Greenmount I laugh when I see thoth sun card description about the children playing on a green mount vert….. my current rental farm is Belmont the mount of the bell .. not sure how long, its for sale and I do not want to move EVER.

    I think the most bizarre one.. no it wasn’t the most bizarre actually .. my life is bizarre….
    Live in a house with a crop circle in the yard .. well thats what we called it.. nothing ever grew in that one circle.. it’s still there according to google earth.. the crop circle I mean.. I often wonder if the residents notice it and think anything weird about it..

    these photos were taken just outside the crop circle … I was playing with D1’s cam outside at sunset 15th October 2005 I pointed to the east at rising moon… then turned around to capture the pinks on the mountains I took a few western ones and as I put the cam down I saw the shot on the cam screen .. I didn’t see it when I took the shot … so I picked it back up and took about 20 more shots all over to see if I could capture the same thing .. ran inside to computer and it was the only one.. you can see the rays from it so it wasn’t dirt on the cam.. friend in america asked for the shot and he blew it up and he said it was def not cam fault def external and it had what he called a hexagram shape..

    man that thing must of moved fast. I did not see it.. only on the digital camera preview screen

    heaps of other weird and wonderfuls…nowadays some spectacular ones.. but that’s enough waffle to digest today

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    โ€œ Behold! the Veil of the Aethyr sundereth, and is torn, like a sail by the breath of the tempestโ€ฆ

    The Seer prayeth that a cloud may come between him and the sun, so that he may shut out the terror of the vision. And he is afire; he is terribly athirst; and no help can come to him, for the shew-stone blazeth ever with the fury and the torment and the blackness, and the stench of human flesh. The bowels of little children are torn out and thrust into his mouth, and a poison is dropped into his eyes. And Lilith, a black monkey crawling with filth, running with open sores, an eye torn out, eaten of worms, her teeth rotten, her nose eaten away, her mouth a putrid mass of green slime, her dugs dropping and cancerous, clings to him, kisses him.

    (Kill me! kill me!)

    There is a mocking voice: Thou art become immortal. Thou wouldst look upon the face of the Magician and thou hast not beheld him because of his Magick veils.

    (Don’t torture me!)

    The shew-stone is all black and corrupt. O filth! filth! filth!

    She it is that squatteth upon the Crucifix, for the nastiness of her pleasure. So that they that worship Christ suck up her filth upon their tongues, and therefore their breaths stink.

    Thus long have I talked with thee in bidding thee depart, that the memory of the Aethyr might be dulled; for hadst thou come back suddenly into thy mortal frame, thou hadst fallen into madness or death. For the vision is not such that any may endure it.

    But now thy sense is dull, and the shew-stone but a stone. Therefore awake, and give secretly and apart the sign of the Mother, and call four times upon the name of CHAOS, that is the four-fold word that is equal to her seven-fold word. And then shalt thou purify thyself, and return into the World. โ€œ
    The Cry of the 3rd Aethyr, Which is Called ZON

    โ€œ Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and Lama is He who Goeth,
    the specific title of the Gods of Egipt, the Treader of the Path,
    in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of
    this book. โ€œ



    m: Iam was 1931 cards were around 1938?

    The Lam picture was included in the 1919 Blue Equinox.

    Various dates (years) are mentioned in posts (above).

    The Blue Equinox, officially known as The Equinox: Volume III, Number I, is a book written by the English occultist Aleister Crowley, the founder of Thelema. First published in 1919 …” – Wikipedia



    ok I just keep thinking that LAM/IAM had something to do with 1931, something for me to study and search sometime.

    speaking of blue and my aqua fixation arising from Aqua 4 written by Keith The priestess brings out a beautiful aqua in the mirror

    02-20 The Priestess of The Aeon

    also I swear the Priestess Reflection and adjustment of the balance and I’m not one to see penises in coca cola ads .. kinda does look like a vulva opening out like a flower from the conception, birth, reflection of the universe.. also Im an aussie and I swear a lot..also on the page on my site of this with the outside of the card included.. there is awesome infinity 8 joining them together.

    The image I posted before of the priestess of the Aeon.. I have on my wall here and I usually step back 3 feet, LAMIAM becomes clear and then glows, so much going on there ๐Ÿ˜€ .. visually “Layers of Thoth” I see it in the little old fashioned hand held mirror like the one in snow white ..

    @tiger.. gosh he makes it so dire .. ๐Ÿ˜€ such a male perspective and such a christian premise.. nature is as nature does… it pees poops farts and finds out that gravity sux just like the pope does …
    madness? who isn’t mad? You are not paranoid if they really are out to get you… Death? it’s groundhog day.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    m: [to Tiger] such a male perspective and such a christian premise.

    Yes, Tiger is a Christian misogynist. Oh, wait. I see that you must be referencing “Tiger Woods,” the golf-player. Surely not our LAShTAL Tiger. He’s just mad.

    m: madness? who isnโ€™t mad?

    (raises hand). Me.

    I’m just suffering from lost brain cells and mis-wired synapses. This doesn’t result in “being mad,” ’cause actually it is more peaceful. It was the Void that stole my brain cells and re-wired my madness. I recommend the Void. Any comments about the Void are untrue, so …

    Back to Lam and the Alien Autopsy (AA).



    no no not @tiger .. he’s a sweetheart …I meant Crowleys masculine tone of the being

    I am glad you mentioned today’s technology in the title Shiva I was cringing at Paul’s invisible stern look for going off topic.. but I am not going off topic and the only minor infringement is the double post for which I hope is more than balanced out by the simple beauty I bring to the table.

    if you meant the alien autopsy from Roswell or the youtube alien autopsy viral hit of the noughties.. yes, I though that the first time I saw LAMIAM in Crowleys work a few years back..

    Technology is opening more and more doors of Crowleys work not just LAMIAM ..

    hard to say what one sees in the cards, so I will leave it up to others to find what they see..err experience.. ..apparently time has no meaning and seemingly not so linear… I see LAMIAM or certainly what I correlate and that is crowley drawing..

    I figured last year in one of those Moments, yes I had a few last years ๐Ÿ˜€ , that while I was given time out to raise my children under the radar, that the deal I made with the universe wasn’t a cushy free ride and in that time although I wasn’t practicing kabbalah movements over the abyss on the tree of life, the lessons and skills I learned were placed for reasons and bought just as much value and balance …if it was just about me being a mother, I would of watched every episode of Oprah and Doctor Phil, like valium through a straw, so are the days of our lives. … and bitched about life to all and sundry while my kids were at school or in bed.. that sounds mind numbing to me so I taught myself web design, graphic design, photography and photo editing…. I create visually, and that is why I had the idea to take the Thoth tarot and Crowley’s work and reveal the universe with my visual and 21st century technology skills.

    I believe this is why Crowley made lady Frieda make so many changes to get it just right. He knew that one day when the time was right, someone would show the world this visual side of things.. The feminine to the masculine ..so he lined everything up so some tings would only show when everything lined up in visible layers…

    I think this one reminds me of the schumann resonance and there is a B up top right.. and there is so much more… notice the hands over the mouth? the being in the middle, her hand on the bottom lined up, .. the wings.. I love the wings..

    more to come as I upload my work. There won’t be much commentary as I believe each person will see what they need to see when they need to see it


    Does anyone know if he got Lady Frieda to draw his cards first on tracing paper at all?

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