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    “Come away! Our chariot is drawn by doves. Of mother-of-pearl and ivory is our chariot and the reins thereof are the heart-strings of men. Every moment that we fly shall cover an aeon. And every place on which we rest shall be a young universe rejoicing in its strength; the meadows thereof shall be covered with flowers. There shall we rest but a night, and in the morning we shall flee away, comforted.”

    “Mystery of Mystery, uttermost being whose radiance enlightening the worlds is also the breath that maketh every God even and Death to tremble before Thee–By the Sign of Light + appear Thou glorious upon the throne of the Sun.

    Make open the path of creation and of intelligence between us and our minds. Enlighten our understanding. Encourage our hearts. Let thy light crystallize itself in our blood, fulfilling us of Resurrection.

    A ka dua

    Tuf ur biu

    bi a’a chefu

    Dudu nur af an nuteru. “

    Sunday is around the corner



    Sunday is
    …. here
    I just watched the youtube of thew a ka dua bit you posted

    but the one that played after it sent my hair standing on end
    Meditation Music 432hz ॐ Egyptian Flute

    Ares diary is fascinating for 12th aug.. his logo man for the day reminds me of the swami .. you?? in the videos you directed me to in this thread. logoman is green and has NVM or NUM with a big J in middle and a pipe? coming out of mouth on to a pink pyramid…
    the entry is all about me cutting wings and then silence, question of “why don’t I go instead” government moving, ra ra (our fire child) smart and quick, feeling sick, red lightening bolts (the horrid red current frequency?) “bad day” SHE is coming down (I saw her behind ares yesterday but I didn’t cross) one left, visions of apocalyptic destruction, sandman, pyramids, players break out, fran (the lion king?) taking his family to the hills and going grey and mad his wife dying (his daughter the virgin universe stepped up into that role two days ago and told me she is taking care of him now) with the comment from ares EXCELLENT and the group is the enemy, (Im presuming he means the lion line).

    yesterdays was all about freddy the fiddler crab with a cactus logo the cactus has green aura shooting out with 3 pyramids.. then there is a baby next to a yellow diamond with 7 rays….mercury?

    tomorrow is even more bizarre only entry with no logo.. about titans, the book of door, 3 black swans, relief from headache, search of a green yowie, wood pile, quakes, oil, platypus and spy satellites and “the satellite killer” maybe hotter is the word, payloads, lines up east, 11 with a arrow

    One thing I was enlightened on yesterday was his pain.. he was taking it from my mum.

    interpreting his logos is even more obtuse than these here.. but yet looking back over my days and comparing, He knew …. you all do

    now off to my Mayet logos to write about nothing, nobody and no one…

    I have a ponderance about ares and hephaestus to put in place in logos
    ares AKA Aries has always been equated with mars the planet but I think ares is more than mars.. I will have to study more..

    and I keep thinking deimos is going to break away now that mars is moving away from earth again ..along with “its going to be a hot time in the old town tonight, fire fire fire”.. such a strong thought I have to shake myself to concentrate away from it

    oh speaking of hearts and serpents .. obtusely this post is all on topic Mr Paul .. 😀

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    well that really took me fascinating places my tiger

    my treatise on nobody started the ball rolling. and i still deciphering what you gave me

    Nobody, Nothing No One Part 1

    Nobody Nothing No-One

    and then it took me straight back to blood types, transmutations, malaria



    “A ka dua
    Tuf ur biu
    Bi aa chefu
    Dudu ner af an nuteru

    The meaning of this mantra according to Crowley is :

    Unity of the uttermost showed!
    I adore the might of Thy breath,
    Supreme and terrible God,
    Who makest the Gods and Death
    To tremble before Thee:–
    I, I adore Thee.

    According to the Cairo Museum catalog, the translation is:

    O sublime one!
    I adore the greatness of your spirits,
    O formidable soul,
    Who inspires terror of himself among the gods.”
    Thelemic Yoga (Mantrayoga Lesson)

    “for having begun to tread the path of the Great Work, you are bound to continue walking thereupon and never swerve therefrom.

    ☽: What a strange and terrible oath I have unknowingly taken!

    ☉: Terrible, indeed, the most daunting task that one can possibly attempt. Yet it is also the path to complete peace, true wisdom, and perfect happiness.

    ☽: What is my goal upon this long and winding road of attainment?

    ☉: One must never ask or ponder about the final goal but always focus one’s energies upon taking the Next Step.38

    ☽: My love for you is undeniable and unconquerable. Lead me to take this Next Step!

    ☉: Love is indeed the right motive and fuel for this path, yet your marriage to me is but a symbol of your true goal. Even as you wed me today, you must seek the inward marriage of the soul with your God. With all the love you love me today, it must be inflamed a thousandfold towards the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Though I vow to guide you in whatever way may be of use, you must do the work and it is only you that may take the final plunge. No one can ever do that for you, nor can any man ever know the Name of another’s God. It is the most universal and unique of all goals, it is the Holy of Holies.”
    Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride

    nice to see you have been hard at work
    i am not the Swami . Swamiji Nisarg for me has great introductory videos which some material can be read in books but gives me a different perspective (conveyed by a person than words in a book and of course some times things enter my understanding better when conveyed by words in a book but i guess it’s when my mind is at a more receptive ready state when understanding happens better.)
    are you a member of Fraternitas Saturni ?



    I am not a member of FS I understand it to be male orientated not a member of AA or OTO or typhonian order either and wouldn’t know how to join anyway. I used to say that in all packs (wolves) there is alpha the leader and the betas the followers and then there is the gammas, the spiritual witch doctors, high priestesses, me, limitless )

    a very unusual ting happened to me last night just after dusk I was down at river (temple) and a fuzzy glowing ball rose from west slowly near jupiter. I called my daughter up at house she saw it too but didn’t think it was anything exciting she said probably the moon im like no it doesn’t rise in the west…and new moon anyway…I called cancerman around corner to see if he could see it too… he saw and wasn’t impressed either….I was impressed, i watch the skies nightly and never seen anyting like it since haleys comet and this moved way faster in half hour moved more than a month of the comet… I expected to see something on local news about my glow ball.. nothing…

    cancerman came over for sex .. which was not way near as exciting as glowing ball in skies.. and I woke up this morning all achey sore foggy and clogged up .. even after my short yoga cleanse I still feel achey and fuzzy and cancerman certainly looks way more fitter younger and healthier than he did last night… I wonder.. and I really do, i can only suspect but I need this one confirmed… ???

    found a strange round red raised mark on my back two days ago, left side near kidney which I have no clue to how i got it ..which worries me a bit… I heal very fast but this if anything has taken the pigment out of the area inside it…

    I will return to the videos as I usually do get more out of vids than books .. to the attainment of conversation with guardian regards to that well I figured something.. we .. me and kids grow up slower than normal humans I feel about 16 and some days new born .. my kids are not ready to be without their mother even though 22 and 19 almost 20 …

    so I am not afraid of death but I just cannot take the step that may lead to such outcome .. ie crossing abyss… means fully letting go… hence unknown factor involved and trusting myself ultimately only… I also feel i have so much to do here .. I’m only just waking up .. curing sleep, tiredness, fogginess is my main ones

    I feel I am finally doing without worrying about results or consequences as such .. doing my will .. I am at point where I do what I do when I do and think well if I wasn’t supposed to do it I wouldn’t only rulebook is there is no rules.. I have no regrets about anything because everything ever done has led me to this point

    it is just those few unknowns that pull me back .. yes I can see lies now..that is awesome.. fantastic great.. found i wasn’t so deaf when it mattered and heard clearly a conversation ”i wasn’t but was” meant to hear …

    at same time i have suspicions especially around cancerman’s camp …. but suspicions is not proof enough for me to formulate a final judgement and to act on such result. one major question being are the lying lyon cancerman line AB- blood consciously aware of themselves and me… that is a big question .. needs answering.. which leads to many others .. does he purposefully come to take my energy ..or does he give me energy good or bad… does he love me even if he is not supposed to from the ‘enemy camp” point of view…i know he lusts for me about the only part of him that i have his loyalty for….. why is he the image of FranzJosef 1 who died on my birthday when he is fj 2 (and I mean image twin) why is his family images of FJ1’s family…is he alive or really dead …is he fj1 reborn ..does he have the genetic memories of said 1… what is that weird protrusion bone point from his sternum that seems not human… … (I asked him about it he said because he used to be fat.. did not ring true)

    no wonder I feel like I am the universal joke lol
    need to be fuzzyless
    tide is up im going fishing



    pegusus “are the lying lyon cancerman line AB- blood consciously aware of themselves and me ?

    does he purposefully come to take my energy ..or does he give me energy good or bad… does he love me even if he is not supposed to from the ‘enemy camp” point of view ?

    “Thelema does not spoon feed you. It does not give you the answers, it allows you to search and find the answers yourself.”
    The answer keys may come by very obscure means and you will need to hear, see, understand and then formulate them all for your judgement.
    You my friend, will have to formulate the truth yourself.
    trust yourself to be the truth.”


    I need this one confirmed… ???
    you must bestow the elixir of life !

    So why pegusus do you include FS on your site ?



    so I am not afraid of death but I just cannot take the step that may lead to such outcome .. ie crossing abyss… means fully letting go… hence unknown factor involved and trusting myself ultimately
    hmm yes hard isn’t it ?

    “only… I also feel i have so much to do here .. I’m only just waking up .. curing sleep, tiredness, fogginess
    sheesh fogginess keeps creepin in yes something to attend to oh and the kids .

    my kids are not ready to be without their mother even though 22 and 19 almost 20


    They say everything seems to work itself out or doesn’t .

    dance the godless Weller



    why do include frat saturn, ??
    1 it fascinates me it’s that gamma in me
    (footnote after) hmm good point I just looked at my thelema link now that has me beat why its like that or why i put it there
    fraternitas is a feminine word by just looking at it… ok some homework i marked it for some reason even if im foggy now on it

    2 it is one of my research subjects at present. as you know, I am examining all for those answers. Ultimately my search is all..
    “what/who/when/where/why is Saturn”, in my system saturn is feminine, which has me curious about frat (brotherhood and I cannot even bring myself to learn to spell the whole word *epiphany ok I will break it down and learn the word) of saturn in my thoughts perhaps should be sisterhood. saturn = time father time?
    I hear saturn = Hera
    also goes back to my imagined thoughts of a missing link a planet destroyed
    also bugs titans bacteria worms giants humans little people

    Saturn swallowed it’s children .. saturn was a titan but thing is I remember reading *somewhere that neptune was also a titan if so then the greek stories of jupiter neptune and pluto being kids of saturn would be incorrect unless they are all titans. Now i find oceanus and sky and earth were first before water.. I give up….

    Doesn’t sound important but it is to me because I do trust that I am the truth and can only write the truth but I still have much learning of such before I write/create/logos it.. hate being foggy even on rest days or moon days …. I seem to go around in circles and cant coherent tings

    yes thelema does not spoon feed .. touché my dear but sometimes like now, when i am foggy I would rather like the avalanche of truth installed and i have fogginess lift


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    no deep thought but a lifetime of deep thought

    First, what is true knowledge?

    true knowledge is knowing

    what is true will?

    true will is knowing

    Now, pray tell, what is true daring?

    with knowing there is no daring there is just knowing

    ☽: A will that desires demons and dangers on all sides,30 not sett’ling in security of what comfort decides.

    What is Truth?

    truth is not a lie and truth is not the alpha nor omega.. .

    knowing is omega knowing holds not knowing the beginning and everything between
    alpha as not knowing alpha holds knowing omega which is all and nothing. you can know the truth you can not know the truth you can know a lie you cannot know a lie. truth is just somewhere in between it’s a point out of 22, prolly 11 justice, that can either be known or unknown, but it’s surrounded by the primeordial puddle of lies and there is only knowing and not knowing at the end 0 21 you may worship truth you may worships lies but without knowing you can only not know …… not differentiate and judge without bias and to judge without knowing you can destroy everything created … with knowing you can step forward as the ultimate fool, knowing truth and lies don’t effect you no thing effects you no thing changes you no thing stops you no thing starts you .. it is not a yes it is not a no it just is what it is
    the heart? the serpent? one knows the heart is the beats it bleeds it hurts its happy its dsad its everything one does not know the serpent is or isn’t probably the brain or thought without knowing. ones heart is all and wishes the fuck it could be nothing like a brain wanting to switch off because that magic magick between us is making it and breaking it and I wish the fuck i had known because every choice i had made every thing i did would not have shattered that love as I unknowingly did… I dont want to cross abysses get glory or converse with angels i dont want anything I cant my being is to be by his side and in his arms

    as i have these gifts for mankind which in the long run are the destruction of mankind i cant go on because those gifts will destroy the one thing that is worth anything….. my love with him and having those gifts will always be not knowing and wondering not having those gifts will remembering as not having him will always be remembering having him… so either beam me up and allow me to always be in his arms or just make me not exist in the first place … i cant take myself out of existence because i am a creation of god so best all gods make that choice and step up and uncreate me

    knowing not knowing …. to be or not to be … not the nun not the tau just

    o without any mirror to start again

    [Rose takes a breath with her finger in the air to give another answer, but she hesitates, looks puzzled, and puts her forefinger to her lips in deep thought]

    not puzzled i know all about knowing and the not knowing that destroyed me and the knowing of that is pain for all and all for nothing



    see now I am learning why the fraternitas saturn fascinates me… I just read an excerpt about the star of david.. the david story fascinates me too .. so much fascinates me…

    I am still leaning towards the lost word being a planet lost or disintegrated because i really feel there is a pillar missing in my mayet system ..jupiter is currently the central pillar

    saturn’s part in it all intrigues me… I always remember saturn as time, father, titan, cronos, black, dark but i dont see saturn like that… except the titan bit …

    Star of David Saturn Link
    Star of David Saturn Link 2

    oh and this also fascinated me

    In 1772, Thomas Pennant made a tour of the Hebrides and later published an account of his travels. One of the things Pennant noted while visiting the Isle of Skye, was the Fairy Flag. According to Pennant, the flag was named “Braolauch shi”, and was given to the MacLeods by Titania the “Ben-shi”, wife of Oberon, king of the fairies. Titania blessed the flag with powers which would manifest when the flag was unfurled three times.
    oberon …ha .. where my uncle Malcolm McL lived for many years…

    i crossed the isis river last night on way home from central command… which btw yesterday is another huge thank you to you all … you have held me together by not holding me together…. and i don’t know how yesterday happened but it did and I feel like a world has been lifted from my shoulders…

    today I am stunned shocked happy but wary…

    gov called yesterday after my little letter to them saying I call stalemate and I was stepping back from it all and i knew why piscesman had the green light and so on and they needed to set the water princess free … next i heard their legal dep had been sent my letter and had to read it and now a week later I get the come get her now call.. too easy, way to easy after 9 year battle against lies and not knowing mind you she has more charges that cancerman went off at them over… as he said they had custody of her and it shouldnt of happened where was the care

    cancerman stepped up to the plate and drove me 4 hours to gov offices where my little water princess was waiting with all her things to come home to her family….. finally they unchained my heart… and set her free..

    its not over yet i might of won this round by default but i am waiting for the left of centre hits… but at least my girl can heal and learn to be happy again.. she is so sad …and sick not healthy… they kept feeding her milk.. like i am lactose intolerent, her father is lactose intolerant but hey she should be right to drink it .. not…
    but she is so happy to be home with us and the kaos twins

    cancerman also yelled at me and said i needed to step up and become what he wants me to be..well at least he yelled until i stopped the car and jumped out and said i would rather hitch then to be yelled at… maybe im just stupid and stubborn but I can’t be someone I am not..and I hate being yelled at and told I need to change… well f&^^% .. i have had that many changes in past two months i cant keep up.. but its all still me and made me me, the me in me… Im not perfect and never will be i am finding joy in being me and learning about me and my history and future while living in present…I find it too hard to play lets pretend and to compromise myself… is it so wrong to ask him to accept me as i am ??? maybe not wrong but seemingly impossible.. he is soo much like the emperor .. turning aside and not seeing what is in front of him…

    in my own left of centre way I am working my way to getting the crux of the heart and the serpent and knowing..

    because that is what it is all about .. i think



    You Go ! Girl !

    another take on saturn . thanks pegasus


    Jamie J Barter

    Despite asking for clarification and Paul’s request to stick to the point of it, this thread seems to be turning into a dialogue of all sorts between Tiger and Pegasus. Mightn’t Private Messaging perhaps serve the purpose better, as recent responses don’t seem to have very much to do with the title?

    @tiger :

    I never found the blog but i did read part of chapter 11 and 12 .
    But you must have found it in the Blogs, for where else would it have been? (I am puzzled why it is in there rather than Downloads, but that was where Paul originally put it & he is the guv’nor after all…)

    what is the M.’. M.’. M.’. Preamble ?
    I’m sure you just being lazee here now, Tiger & are quite capable of googling the answer to this & other similar questions which are not onerous in your extreme

    is the revised second edition of Francis King’s The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. out yet?
    If it was, I’m sure that you would have been aware of it by now! I’ve given this information before, but as it was a while ago now I’ll briefly summarise again. The Second Edition was to have appeared around 1994-5, just after Francis King gave it his ‘blessing’ and died about a month afterwards, but there were complications at the time and now at present there is insufficient funding for paying the sympathetic foreign printers. It now requires an update to cover for the last ~23 years, although since the ©aliphornians seized the copyrights (and what a colossal waste of time & misapplied effort THAT was) there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of other “OTO” activity… the Typhonians have surrendered their claim, the Swiss is moribund if not deceased by now and the legacy of Motta’s S.O.T.O. seems to have devolved into David Berssons’ feisty efforts to keep it going & Ray Eales’ Holy Order Of RaHoorKhuit. Still… An extra final chapter would probably bring in stuff like the Trademark Litigation, Thoth Tarot litigation, the OTOF and other challengers, the f/kill kerfuffle & so on, including a historically more accurate treatment of the so-called ‘irregular’ (as opposed to ‘pioneering’) Solar Lodge. If anybody is interested in assisting financially or otherwise, I’m sure they can contact me using their ingenuity (as the COTO’s well-subsidised lawyers succeeded in doing back in the day).

    & the rest is silence (Sh!),
    N Joy



    Thanks Paul for being so accommodating !

    To study An account of the relations of the Aspirant with his Holy Guardian Angel, and An account of Initiation, and an indication as to those who are suitable for the same is a trip ain’t it ? and life as well ?
    Thanks for the private messaging suggestion which i considered more appropriate but could not find the feature .

    well i guess it does say blogs up top

    Jamie Barter: Chapter 12 – The OTO – Its Relevance Today

    Some times i get lazy sometimes i luck out sometimes the universe cooperates sometimes i go at it .
    Today i searched google for M.’. M.’. M.’. Preamble and Preamble to the United States Constitution came up .

    keep Paul in mind he actually has to read the posts .


    Jamie J Barter

    To study An account of the relations of the Aspirant with his Holy Guardian Angel, and An account of Initiation,
    I look forward to reading it! (Eventually!)

    and an indication as to those who are suitable for the same is a trip ain’t it ?
    Yeah — it’s a gas man! (come to read the meeder)

    and life as well ?
    Our cup verily runneth over…

    Today i searched google for M.’. M.’. M.’. Preamble and Preamble to the United States Constitution came up .
    Er — Congratulations?!

    By the way, don’t those few eight words of the Mahatma Guru say it all about the present-day “©.O.T.O.” ? — “There is nothing mysterious or Oriental about anything”

    Yeh, mon
    N joy



    JB: Mightn’t Private Messaging perhaps serve the purpose better, as recent responses don’t seem to have very much to do with the title?

    During your recent sabbatical the PM function was disabled … due to “abuse.” That probably is a reference to multiple evil hackoffs who penetrated the PM system and flooded it with ads.

    Without PM, the personal stuff tends to build up in the threads. And, as is normal, the subject (any subject) tends to get diluted an diverted rather quickly. Nothing new there, eh?

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